NEW! Lower Cost "Home SHop " Controller Series

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NEW! Lower Cost "Home SHop " Controller Series

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Just introduced:
HSFront+Mini+4port+text.png (504.44 KiB) Viewed 1787 times
The HS-45 is a compact , 3/4/5 axis Stepper controller for Plasma and Router that uses the same High speed I/O (EBOB) and same Ultra Fast Digital Torch Height Control (DTHC 5) as our commercial seriess .Designed for the DIY builder or the user that wants to upgrade their Hobby Grade table to a more versatile and accurate cutting machine and to have a wider choice of Drawing/CAD programs and a better CAM program .

The HS series uses a lot of the same advanced Engineering as our G5 series uses Gecko based Dual Driver modules) and has the same expanded list of Accessories and add-ons that all our other controllers have.

So if you are building a DIY table, Upgrading one of the low-feature controllers , or simply want MORE out of your Shop table, then this new controller is for you. Available as a COMPLETE system WITH preloaded Mini PC , full AC plug-n-run and easy-to-wire motor plugs, it's great to use as a Drop- in replacement for tables running smaller stepper motors (rated at 3 to 3.5A ) It a 10 minute setup . If you need motors we have those pre wired for this controller at a reasonable price.

So if you have one of those import MY-Junk systems that are One Trick Ponies, then go over the feature set of this new controller and UPGRADE your table to be more versatile, get better support, and better engineering in a value priced complete control SYSTEM (solution) . Who knows. Maybe you can sell you old controller and make enough to make this a really cheap upgrade!.

  • ROUTER (2D or 3D)
  • TOOLCHANGE (router)L
rearPlugonemotorin.png (418.67 KiB) Viewed 1787 times
(Motors are available separately if needed)

To see the Features and Options and pricing here is a link to the product in our web catalogue: ... ontroller/

You will note a lot of accessories are lower priced when you buy them as OPTIONS with the unit.
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