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Discount Bundles


Controller Bundles are basically everything you need electrically to build a CNC Plasma or Plasma/Router table.  Scroll page down to see BUNDLES

  • Linux based:  Preloaded PC with LINUX, Drawing, CAD, CAM and Control Software
  • Full SheetCAM license.  Full CommandCNC licensenothing else to buy
  • Network via Ethernet or WIFI to any Linux or Windows computersMove files effortlessly
  • Wired motors (options for cable lengths.)
  • Direct Ethernet EBOB with expanded Inputs (16) and up to 8 axis of motors
  • Versitle multi-cut design does Router , Plasma , oxy-fuel and plate marking.
  • Option for Hypertherm Rs485 serial port interface allows remote real time control of cut current and air pressure.  Unique “Soft Pierce” increases consumable life.
  • World famous High Speed 5th generation Digital Torch Height Control with advanced automation features
  • 300 pages of illustrated manuals
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty on controller and external modules.  Phone support during warranty period.  NEW!  1 or 2 year Warranty EXTENSIONS available;.  up to 4 full years !
  • 14 years of innovation and support.  Thousands of systems.   Leaders in technology and value
  • Support Forum open to all. Over 3000 registered users.
  • Options for
    • Our popular SUPER Z axis with Floating torch holder, Limits, Z home, Built-in Ohmic Sensor
    • Breakaway Torch Holder with ESTOP
    • New Mini PC upgrade
    • Discounted Connection Kits for Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics and Most Pilot Start Plasma
    • Add 5th motor for Rotary Axis .  Add Rotary Plasma Plugin and Pipefit™ Joint Design Software
    • HYT-Connect SIM kit to use with Hypertherm’s RS485 serial port for remote setting of Cut Current.  Sets from console or g-code.


bladerunner with motors 1

“Most Popular G5” Bundle
For table builders  Improved latest 2020 model.  This kit has all of the Electronics and Software to build a professional grade CNC Plasma or Plasma/Router Combo table.

G5XL Heavy Duty Controller
CommandCNC Included

G5XL Most Popular Bundle
Bigger, faster , stronger. This Bundle features the G5XL model with the larger power supply, larger stepper drivers (Gecko) , larger motors and up to 6 motors (4 large max) Has all of the same high end logic and our ultra fast DTHC 5 . If you have a gantry that is over 125 lbs, or if you plan on doing some milling or heavy routing with your table, this setup is for you.   Bundles have discounted options and included software licenses that make them a better deal .