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Sales and Warranty


  • CandCNC is a trade name used by Fourhills Designs LLC.   Any reference to CandCNC in any document should be assumed to mean Fourhills Designs as the parent compnay. All payments via any method should be to Fourhills Desings or Fourhills designs LLC.   Co-name checks to Fourhills/CandCNC will be processed under the Fourhills accounts
  • Items that have been operated for their intended purpose and within the conditions stated in the product information, and unless otherwise stated in the product description, are warrantied for a period of 2 years (see details below) from date of purchase.  Warranty covers parts and labor when the unit is returned to the factory for repair. CandCNC at it’s discretion, may elect to ship parts/assemblies for the customer to replace to effect repair. Please use the RMA system off the website for returns and warranty  All items sent back for warranty or non-warranty repair need to have full details in the DESCRIPTION field of the RMA form  with the items returned,  and nature of the problem .  Please do not put “call me”.  It will delay your repair.   Return shipping for repair or refund including insurance is the responsibility of the customer.s).

  • Most products we sell are built-to-order.  There is no full refund offered on CandCNC products.  At the sole discretion of CandCNC, we may issue a partial refund on units provided the unit is less than 60 days old and any repairs , missing parts or other warranty related issues have been addressed and there are still problems that would make the unit not function as advertised.  The customer must give CandCNC reasonable time and opportunity to first fix the unit under the warranty before refunds will be considered.  All units returned for refund after receiving a refund authorization from CandCNC are subject to the following fee structure:
    • New product in original packaging (unused) and less than 30 Days from receipt of the product can be returned for a 90% refund less shipping.
    • Undamaged opened /used Product less than 30 days old can be returned for partial refund of 85% of the item purchase price.
    • Undamaged opened /used product over 30 but less than 90 days  can be returned for a partial refund of 75% of the item purchase price.
    • There is no refund for any reason on product over 90 days old.
    • Any product returned non functional, damaged or modified is not eligible for any refund
  • A shipping method that requires a signature by us will insure that there is no confusion or delay in your refund. Product must be returned in undamaged condition using proper packaging to prevent damage.  If the product is received damaged it will be returned to the sender and the sender will need to file a claim with the carrier. BE SURE TO FILL OUT AN RMA FORM AND COMPLETE DESCRIPTION ON THE FORM AS TO THE ITEMS AND REASONS FOR THE RETURN.  Referring to a phone call or e-mail to tech support will result in delays in getting your unit fixed.  WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT IN THE PACKAGE.  The persons(s) receiving and unpacking your unit are not the technical support or repair person(s).
  • The 2 year warranty is for electronics designed and assembled by CandCNC/FourhillsDesigns.  That includes the power supply, AC components, wiring, logic control cards. expansion modules and interface cards. ,motors and the motor drives on Complete packages.
  • Firmware Updates.  Some of the products we carry will have embedded controllers and have associated firmware.  In the event the firmware is changed/updated you may package and return the specific chip and we will update the software for a flat fee of 10.00 including return shipping to you .
  • We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We will work with you through any problems you have during the initial install.  We ask that you utilize e-mail for all contact with the company about support.  There may not be a support person available if you call.  We will answer our e-mail in a timely manner (within 4 hours normally) and it affords us the opportunity to do any research or communication with the engineers at our expense instead of yours.  If the product is being used in a production environment (i.e. to make money with on a daily basis) please state so in your first e-mail.
  • All refurbished PCs come with a 6-month repair warranty. CandCNC is not responsible for any losses due to computer failures.