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This is the CandCNC RMA (Return Material Authorization) Form. It MUST be used for all returns. Incomplete forms may result in delays in your product being repaired/upgraded/modified. We have to be able to match up a return package with this form.

NOTE: If your DTHC IV Rev 1 board has a green dot on the Ethernet port, it has already been modified to be compatible with Velocity Anti-Dive.
The Velocity Anti-Dive feature is unique to CommandCNC running with DTHC IV Rev 2 boards. Please select this option if you are returning your DTHC IV Rev 1 board for a modification for compatibility with this feature. There is no cost for the modification or to have a modified Rev 1 board or Rev 2 board cross-shipped to you as soon as you fill out this form. If we do not receive your board within 30 days, you will be charged for a new board ($495), so please supply us with tracking information when you ship your board in.
NOTE: If you are sending in your system for a upgrade, please first purchase the correct upgrade in the store section of our website, then reference your order number in the Return Information section of this form

If you purchased your system from a dealer/manufacturer or used from another person the warranty is still valid for 24 months after the ORIGINAL ship date from our factory. If you do not have the original date of manufacture please contact us to establish if the system is in warranty.

List all the items you are returning. Things like: controllers, motors , external modules and cables it they are included We are not responsible for any thing not listed. Please pack the items carefully. We do not warranty units damaged in shipping , or with altered or modified circuits

What are you returning? If you are returning the unit for repair or under a rebate or trade-in deal please give a short description as WHAT you are returning and if for repair WHY you are retuning it. If you DO NOT include a description of the problem you are facing, it will lengthen the time it takes us to repair your system. List all of the items/modules/cards you are returning so we can make sure you get them all back. You can include addtional information and copies of e-mail in the package if you want. Make a note here if there is more information in the package.

WARRANTY STATEMENT: All electronics designed & built by CandCNC are warrantied against defects in workmanship and component failure for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture . Warranty covers labor and materials to repair or replace the defective parts when the assembly or sub-assembly is returned prepaid to the factory. Shipping fees from the user/customer to CandCNC are the responsibility of the user/customer. Warranty does not cover physical or electrical damage caused by conditions such as exposure to excessive heat, water/condensation , power surges/lightening, mishandling or other structural abuse. All items returned to CandCNC for repair must be properly packaged. Shipping damage is not covered under warranty. NO OTHER WARRANTY IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. Operation of CNC equipment can be dangerous. Neither CandCNC nor it's agents or re-sellers are responsible for any damages to any persons or equipment resulting from the proper or improper use of any CandCNC equipment.
We will only cross ship an item when we receive tracking verification from the package you will be returning to us.

Shipping information for your shipment to us is required.