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How to Update CommandCNC

Support Videos

Need help? Check out our expanding selection of support videos!

Connecting the HyT Connect RS485 Option to the Hypertherm RS485 Serial port
Connecting the DTHC Torch Height Control to a PowerMax Hypertherm
How to connect up your Hypertherm to the DTHC in 60 Seconds
BladeRunner DTHCII Overview
Master Installer VIII


CommandCNC – Changing velocity and acceleration
CommandCNC – Configuring Motor Tuning
Cutting with CommandCNC
Copy and Paste in Linux
Updating CommandCNC
CommandCNC: Velocity Anti-Dive

View the DTHC in Action

New DTHC IV high speed Digital Torch Height Control. Real time cut of star shape in real corrugated and at full speeds.

EtherCut DTHCIV cutting 1/8 Diamond Plate

Here we are cutting 1/8 diamond plate (diamonds up) with our Bladerunner Ethercut system, with a Powermax 65 at 100 ipm. Notice the Z moves very quickly over the diamonds, and back down again.

Plasma Table Rebuilds

Torch Mate Rebuild
Refabricating a CNC Router Table

Plasma Table Rebuild Series

Plasma Table Rebuild Part 1
Plasma Table Rebuild Part 2
Plasma Table Rebuild Part 3