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Request for Support

  CandCNC has been making and selling controllers for  over 14 years with 5 generations of controls .  Each generation takes a different troubleshooting approach .Models more than 5 years old may need to be referred to Engineering for support and in some cases may not be repairable. typically we maintain spares and do repair for systems up to 7 years old.

NOTE:  We no longer do phone support on MACH based systems.
Support for older systems is via email or the Contact Form.   We also maintain and answer questions on our web based SUPPORT FORUM .

Request For Support

This is an information form to fill out and submit to get support on hardware and software from CandCNC. The information submitted will help our support team vector this to the right person. The history will help that person focus on the solution. By filling this out and submitting it will save time for you and get you to a solution faster . With over 8,000 systems over 16 years and 5 major generations of design , having the details will allow us to give you the quickest response. If you do not wish to fill out the and submit the form you will be asked the same questions when you call.

Most system built after 2018 have a serial number on an external lable. Older system do not have serial numbers . If your unit has a serial number please include it here.

The following section is optional but by filling it out you will save a lot of time and frustration when you are contacted .   Each one of the lists have a default that its working fine so we assume it is .

If you are having problems not listed in the choices or there is added uinfomation that will help our techs diagnose the problem then please list it here.

Please describe the problem and any details like when it happens , hat was changed and was it working before.