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Request For RC400 License

After buying and receiving your RC400 Tablet please read and understand the following:
This form is to generate a request for a license for an RC400 Remote Control Wireless Tablet . Each license is unique to a specific Tablet and a specific CommandCNC Controller. To have a System ID, a controller MUST be running CommandCNC version 1.3.0 or higher . This is NOT a DEMO license . It will not work with a general Android device. You must be the owner of a legally purchased RC400 tablet either from CandCNC or from an authorized source. Only one tablet can be licensed to a controller. Once a tablet is licensed to a specific Controller it cannot be moved to another controller without proof of purchase of the new system. Only the original purchaser of the tablet and software can request it be moved to another system. Contact CandCNC using the RFS or Contact forms to contact us. If you found/bought/inherited an RC400 and you do not have the matching controller with the license, a new license WILL NOT be issued for another controller. If you sell your controller, the RC400 can go with it but it cannot be re-licensed to work with another controller . If for any reason the electronics of a controller are changed and the Sytem ID is changed then a new license for the RC400 can be requested ..

If you ordered your RC400 with a control system it will be licensed and tested with your new Controller . You do not need to use this form .

If you purchased the RC400 online you will have an invoice number . If you bought it via a phone order or though an authorized dealer the details of those transactions need to be listed to provide Proof of Purchase