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Promotions and Giveaways


WIN $4000 worth of Merchandise !
Take advantage of a promotion to introduce the NEW
PZ-CAM Retofit Kit for Plasmacam models 98z , DHC and DHC2 4X4 plasma table.   Contest starts July 17th 2023
Drawing will be held when there are 1249 valid entries or September 15th 2023 …whichever comes first!

You say you have a used Plasmacam brand table that is sitting unused or not working right ?   Thinking of getting it running or upgraded until you found out how much it costs?   Well here is your chance to bring it into 2023 with a brand new control system, new computer ,new long stoke Z axis ,  new software and lots more options for FREE! We are giving a complete retrofit away (including outgoing shipping) . .  You can qualify if you live in the lower 48 states and own any of the above models .  
The PZ-CAM Retro Ki  for the 98Z and the same for the DHC series will turn your old limited function and   20 year old “hobby Grde” table into a reliable modern mixed use cutting machine that lets you add all kinds of options like quick attach router plate , router brackets, plate marker , rotary axis (independent)  , hand- held remotes and lots more.  
Removing the X carraige and Z mount
Removing X carraige and Z mount - detail
Removing Cable Arm
Adding Lift Kit Brackets
New PZ-Z Mounting on X carraige
PZ-Z on old X carraige
PZ-Z Mounted on gantry
Replacement PZ-Z close up. Breakaway holder
Add the Machine Torch
New Z ready to cut
PZCAM Control box . Input side
PZCAM Output side
PZCAM Controller Mounted
Ready ATo Cut

Entry Form for Free Retofit Kit

This is an entry form toe register for a Free give away of a PZ-CAM Retro Kit to retrofit a Plasmacam model 98Z or DHC 4X4 plasma table

This is a registration form to fill out and submit to enter a  contest to win a complete retrofit kit (including computer and software) for a Plasmacam model 98Z or the DHC/DHC2 series of 4X4 plasma tables . Please read and understand the rules (criteria) of the contest.  . The drawing is for a complete PZ-CAM Retofit Kit as described on the product page .  Approximate retail value of $4000 The prize also covers free shipping OUT of the kit.   If you fill out the form and agree to the terms you must SUBMIT the form for it to be processed.


  • Entry is limited to persons residing in the United States (Lower 48 states)  
  • One entry per person.  
  • When submitted, entry form will be acknowledged by an automated response and a unique ID number sent  .  This number will be used to select and announce the winner .  The actual selection will be "blind" meaning the only information will be the ID number .
  • Entrant must own or be the owner of a company that owns a Plasmacam CNC table of the model and type listed.   If you are the selected winner you will be asked to provide proof of ownership in the form of written documents or current photos of the table.
  • The winner agrees to submit photos and videos  of the retro process and to use those submissions in marketing and public display.  Winner must agree to use the PZ-CAM Retro Fit Kit to retrofit the existing table .   The final system license will be issued once the retor is complete and verified . 
  • The winning number will be posted on the CandCNC website and on other sites and forums but the winners information will not be released until winner has claimed the prize and been certified to meet the rules set forth in this list.
  • In the event a winner is selected that does not meet the listed criteria an alternate winner wilt be selected and posted  
  • All entries become the property of FourhillsDesigns , LLC. (aka CandCNC) and will be used for marketing and future promotions.  Your information will never be sold or given to a third party and any emails will be limited to no MORE than 2 per month .
  • Incomplete forms or ones that violate any of the criteria will be removed from the pool of possible selection.
  • Winner is responsible for any fees,, levies or taxes , local , state or federal that might be incurred in this transaction . 
  • In the case of the 98Z the servo motors have to be returned to CandCNC for mods to the encoders .   Shipping of the motors to CandCNC is the responsibility of the winner .
  • The winning number will be selected when the number of valid entries reaches 1250 OR September 15th, whichever comes first. The total number of entries will be post on the product page of the website daily .  

Shipping Zip code.

I have read the terms / criteria to enter this contest.  I understand my submission may be rejected for failure to meet the listed criteria or for not being eligible under the stated terms.   I understand that incomplete forms or with shipping addresses outside the stated zone for the lower 48 states can be cause to invalidate a win.   I certify that I own or have ownership in a Plasmacam model 98Z , DHC or DHC2 4X4 table and that the MOTORS (X and Y servos) are functional.   I understand that this retrofit kit does not include new XY servo motors and I have to use the ones on the table.