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Art Files for Download

CandCNC Darwing and Design Files 
These files can be downloaded and used to make and sell products or to illustrate in a printed or web based catalog products made from the files Files CANNOT be added to a collection and sold or given away.   All fiels and documents are copyrighted and can only be used under the terms of this license.

LICENSE:   The copyright holder  (aka Fourhills Designs LLC) grants to the user (you) the right to download, use , modify and produce objects for  commercial (resale) or for personal use. The file may not,  in any  form,  be added to a collection and sold or given away.   Do not share files ,   If you want to  share a file with another individual give that person a LINK to the specific file, document or collection on this website.  


Downloads: Files

SVG Design files for Plasma

Free files for download and personal use .


Round Personalized Clock Template

The PROFIT MAKER  Plasma Clock Template file.  This is a MASTER file that lets you build a PERSONALIZED 22″ round clock  with a separate Clock face design .  The Font canbe selected and the text wraps around  the circle  top and bottom.  The HW TO file on : HOW To use a template to design and cut a personalized Clock should be used as a tutorial .

SVG Temple File Download


On  e of a series of artwork collections for plasma cutting

Each collections consists of several SVG files in ZIP format (so they download instead of open)   All files are subject to the LICENSE  Rules above


This section has instruction manuals
and examples of how to  use templates and SVG art files:




Nothing Here Yet

Adobe PDF icon

4 Relay Expansion Module Manual
for use with G5 and G5XL controllers and MP3700 with Table I/O 17

8 Pages

Adobe PDF icon

ISS-05 “No-Stall” Spindle Speed Manual
Plug-in module with VFD interface and RS485 control of specific VFD’s includes Instructions for semi-auto tool change  using tool setter  (not included) REV6 Updated