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High accuracy torch height control

Easy Setup

Pre-wired; pre-loaded Software

2 Year Warranty ..Extendable to 4

High accuracy torch height control

We have a system for you.

Plasma tables vary from one to another with differences in gantry weight, table size, and type of plasma cutter. We offer systems with different motor configurations, motor cable lengths, and a wide variety of plasma cutter connection kits.

G5 BladeRunner .  Fifth generation Controller 

If your gantry weighs up to 150 pounds, this is the system for you.  High torque 23 frame stepper motors .  Ultra high speed DTHC 5 . Modular design and easy upgrades to more axis , make this system part of our Most Popular Bundle.

Stepper Motors

We offer two different motor strengths for this product line: 620 oz./in. motors and 980 oz./in. motors.(max 2 per system)

G5XL PlazPak

This product is designed for heavy duty plasma work using gantries up to 250 pounds.  High current power supply , higher DC voltage, Bigger Stepper drivers, Big high torque 980 oz-in 34 motors , increase airflow and cooling, Heavy duty all the way around

We also offer units designed for Routers!

G5 BladeRunner  Routerbladerunner with motors 1

The perfect solution for light and medium routing.

We Also Offer Large Router Solutions

G5XL RouterPak

You need a brute of a controller that will let you use a large router or big spindle and will let you shove big bits though dense material?  This RouterPak will do the job!
bladerunner with motors 1

Proudly Designed and Made In The USA

With over eight years of plasma cutting experience running our own decorative cutting business, 16 years of building and selling systems, we know the details of what we sell. Couple that with 35 years of electronics, and 15 years of general machining exposure, and you have a valuable resource on your side.