CandCNC Current Product Manuals.  All Manuals are in PDF format.  Some files are large and download times on slow links will be long. All Manuals are on our Support CD that has product specific support files.   Support CD has INSTALL programs that load and configure drivers and custom screens for our Hardware.   For manuals on obsolete products go to the botom of the list and  click on the Old Man Button.

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NOTE TO New BladeRunner  AIO USERS:  You need to download the following Manuals and Files:

  • BladeRunner AIO Full Manual (121 pages)  about 14megs total
  • DTHCIVManual below
  • MACH3 version 3.043.067 from here
  • Master Installer File below

       MP3000E Basic and DTHC (MP3000E-DTHC) Manuals added 09/15/09
       LCTHC Manual updated 10/1/13
        LCTHC Installer added 9/1/10
       PN200 Hand Control Manual added 8/2/11
       PN200 Hand Control Auto-Installer (zip)  8/2/11
       BLADERUNNER AIO USER MANUAL (Full Update)  4/22/14
       NEW! Master Installer (auto-installer) for Bladerunner, MP3000, etc  3/24/14
       SheetCAM support files (installer)   for new POSTS, Tooltables and DCC support 5/24/13 

NOTE:  We have had reports of Adobe errors on the PDF view.  If that happens right click the PDF button next to the file and use the "Save Target As" option to download and save the file to your drive, then open it with Acrobat Reader locally




PN200 Hand Controller  Install & use Manual 
08/02/11   35 pages 4.5M

BladeRunner AIO UPDATED Manual (Full) with DTHC II and

Pages 1 - 121 3/22/14  14Megs
BladeRunner Ether-Cut Manual (Full) with DTHC IV
Pages 1 - 124 3/31/14  11Megs
DTHCII to DTHCIV (and Ether-Cut) Upgrade to BladeRunners and Plazpaks.   This is for swapping out the sub-assembly (hardware) .  Use the BladeRunner Manual above to do the setup and testing after the hardware is changed.
DTHCIV Digital Torch Height Control Expansion Module
For UBOB; MP3100;BladeRunner  PART1 PRELIMINARY  01/15/14    69 pages
DTHCIV Digital Torch Height Control Expansion Module
For UBOB; MP3100;BladeRunner  PART2 PRELIMINARY  01/15/14    30pages

     USING Dynamic Cut Control with SheetCAM and DTHCII- REV3
For all installs with or without Hypertherm plasma cutters.
NOTE some features may not be available without the Hypertherm RS485  serial optionbut most DCC features are related to the DTHCII

HyT-Connect RS485 Manual with USB-RS485 4 port hub

USB-RS485 4 PORT HUB Manual (see below for installer)
This manual is now part of the updated BladeRunner Manuals above.   Use that manual for new installs

NOTE:  New Master Installer has this device installer.

FeatherTouch(tm) Ohmic Sensor Install-Setup Manual
Updated 7/14/14 REV6

   MP3000E-Basic  Interface Control w/UBOB (parital) Pages 1-17   

MP3000E-Basic  Interface Control w/UBOB (parital) Pages 18-35

MP3000E-Basic  Interface Control w/UBOB (parital) Pages 36-54   

MP3000E-Basic  Interface Control w/UBOB    Pages 1-54 Complete User Manual (8.3M)

NOTE:  For MP3000F and later models use the BladeRunner

LCTHC rev 9 Manual 10/10/13 covers new THC SENSOR Card Rev 17  Use for LCTHC 's purchased after 1010/13

DTHC II Digital Torch Height Control for UBOB III; MP3000: Bladerunner.  REV 2 02/11/13.  NEW:  THC SENSOR PWM Module.  Direct to CPC hookups. 
79 pages  5.6Meg

Includes Low Loss Cable Kit Install  REV3 (2/23/11)

UPDATE: This manual added to DTHCII and DTHC IV Setup & Config manuals

ESPII Enhanced Power Controller 3, 4 , 5 & 5.5 axis Controller 
Covers ESPII BladeRunner, ESP-650 and ESP-1500 versions    2.4 MB   1/27/11 

interface for UBOB, and MP3000 Products to EZPlug Gecko Interface cards

EZPlug Servo Interface and EZPLug Mounting Plate Manual

EZPlug Stepper Interface Manual



USB-RS485 Latest Firmware download.  Download and use Hub Admin  to update firmware  Ver 1.6
Update installer for MACH3 and EtherCut with latest plug-ins and screen sets.  No Profiles.  Use this to update files for CandCNC products BEFORE  8/27/14 .   
ETHER-CUT UPDATER INSTALLER.  This is a major update for ANY of the CandCNC products with the Ether-Cut option; that includes the MP3500, Bladerunner Ether-Cut and Plazpaks with Ether-Cut upgrade.  This update now contains the files in the Update Installer directly above. You no longer need to install both.   DO NOT use this updater on any non-Ethernet products.  It will not work and may cause problems with the parallel port (LPT) based products. 10/26/14

LCTHC Auto Installer for MACH and G540 Gecko
XML (profile); Screen Set, Bitmaps

MasterInstaller-web VIII  FILE .   Menu driven auto-installer.  Use for Bladerunner (All) ; MP3000. MP3100, MP3500 Ether-Cut Router or plasma; Plazpak, Routerpak, USB485 Hub and Rotary Plasma installs  No other updates needed. 

This version contains the Update Installer for MACH3 and EtherCut  above but NOT the Ether-Cut Updater

  Includes Mach Profiles, Screens, plug-ins, etc with auto installer

MACH 3 Version 3.043.067 for use with UBOB; BLADERUNNER; MP3000/Mp3100/MP3500.  25M file size.  Download here or from

Support Files Latest SheetCAM TNG (version 6.0.1 or later)  with DCC upgrade.  Includes new POST files, Hypertherm 45 thru 105 Cut Profiles (tooltables)  Updated 05/24/2013
More SheetCAM Post Processsors including some BETA versions with advanced features.  NOTE:  POSTS for TAP (using Hypertherm RS485) WILL work with non-TAP installs , you just won't be able to control Cut Current or Air Pressure from the settings in SheetCAM. The settings will be ignored by the plasma cutter.  

All manuals printed or electronic are protected under copyright and are for the express use of our customers.  No manual may be reproduced in part or whole without permission from CandCNC.   Copyright 2005 - 2014.

Obsolete Manuals