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Stepper and Servo drive sources (Hardware)

Company Name




Low cost micro-stepping drives for motors up to 2.5A.  Qualtity and good support.


Micro Stepping drive (stepper) to 80V 7A and Servo drives to 20A.  Lots of information on the website.  Popular for larger machine applications.  Great support.


Australian based mfg of Servo Drives with higher voltage and current ratings.  Has US  reseller.

PICO Systems Controllers for use with EMC only.  Servo feedback through EMC.

Hobby CNC

Unipolar Chopper type stepper drive.  Low cost but units are Kits (parts in a bag).  Build your own and save!


Hobby & Small Commercial Control Software (PC based)


Free open source Linux based motion control software.  Has features for both stepper and servo.



Windows (2000 & XP) based parallel port Step & Dir controller.  Free demo limited to 1000 lines of code.  On line support group at Yahoo (MACH1MACH2CNC). Over 3000 members

159.00 Free upgrades for life


DOS based parallel port step and direction software.  Low cost.  Runs on older PC's

65.00  Free upgrades


Windows based motion control.  Requires external pulse card (proprietary)

350.00 Includes hardware step gen card


Windows based motion control.  Requires internal PCI proprietary card.  Pricing is based on commercial usage.  Sold mostly through dealers and OEM's as part of a complete package.

1200.00 Includes PCI controller card.


Breakout Boards and Other Input/Output

Campbell Designs

Long time provider of higher end breakout cards with plugin options like relay cards and spindle speed.


Good selection of qualtity Breakout cards and an innovative Gecko "motherboard" product.


Low cost breakout cards. Units are ala carte with separate power supply and options

CandCNC (Us)

Low cost Breakout cards.  Buffered & Isolated.  Rated for use with Gecko and Xylotex





Torch Height Controllers




Price Range

Campbell Designs

THC300 product.  Over 200 sold.  Works with MACH2/3 Only.  Supports Anti-dive and touch-n-go referencing .  Lowest cost solution.  Port 1 signals not handled.

$350 - $390


MP1000-THC 2nd generation THC for use with MACH3 only.  Two full ports of buffered and isolated signals.  100% digital.  LED readout.  Preset voltage values from console or MACH3 table. Anti-dive, Touch-n-go, custom screens. Other machine control features



AVHC Stand alone unit.  Pre-pierce material sensing done using "force feedback of motor".  Software interface with non-DynaTorch software not addressed on site. Works with any controller or two axis machine.  Included in their "packages"



Stand alone THC.  Can be used with any control software.  No provision for auto pre-pierce material sensing


Hypertherm ATHC

"Command THC"  Commercial THC.  All the features you would expect from a machine costing this much.  Ohmic height sensing for initial pierce.  Total stand alone system.

approx $10,000


Sources for electronic parts


Interesting variety of parts.  Good prices.  Good website. On line ordering. Fast shipping  In business 20 + years

Marlin P Jones Associates

Wide selection of power supplies and transformers.  Good pricing


Another long time surplus electronics vendor.  Has a unique selection (eklectic?) of products.

C&H Sales

Industrial type surplus.  Motors, mechanical parts

American Science& Surplus Fun place to spend a few hours just reading the descriptions!  Everything from Arts and Crafts to Elecrical supplies.


Poor website.  Good prices on capacitors (what they have)
Jameco Full line distributor of electronics.  Fast same day shipping.  Likes small orders.
Digikey 500,000 parts in stock, rapid shipping, likes customers of all sizes.  Very helpful phone agents.

Surplus Sales

Surplus electronics.  Lots of parts.  Pricing is high for surplus