The individual cards are offered for sale to allow maximum flexibility BUT for the normal build the Plug-n-Run controllers are recommended.  They give you all of the cards and cables you need.  Expansion cards can be added later or to provide advanced features.   Some cards are avaialble here as spares or replacement cards for out-of-warranty units.

NOTE: as of 2/25/2012 the UBOB Builders Paks are no longer available.  The MP3000-Basic or MP3000-DTHCII is available in a  OEM Builders Version (right angle plate w/front panel.  It comes assembeld on standoffs with Table I/O; power pak, UBOB III and DTHCII (option) wired and tested, ready to mount in an enclosure.  The cards listed below are to expand and existing build for spare cards for an existing unit.

Cards that give you added functions or features. 


Used For:




Full Digital Torch Height Control Expansion Module

HUH?  What's this?  Because the DTHC is now a tiny plug-in module you can make ANY UBOB III based product into a full blown Digital Torch Height Control.  Comes with a matching THC Sensor Card for interface to your Plasma cutter.

Connection Kits for interface to specific plasma cutters are HERE

This  is NOT the new DTHCI IV Ultra Fast THC .  That unit is not available as  an expansion module

With PWM Sensor module and cables



For replacement and special applications ONLY
Order Builders Paks for Primary Builds


NOTE:  There are NO screw terminals on the UBOB for connection to external signals You must use the MTA150 card for Motor drive interface and the Table I/O card for connecting any inputs or outputs


The Ultimate Breakout Card for use with MACH3 Software.  Matching Plug-in for MACH and custom driver loads automatically from the Install Disk.  Suddenly you have more inputs and outputs....often enough to keep from adding a second port.  One 25 pin computer cable does all the work.  Unit needs +5 volts referenced to PC Ground and +5 to +12 with separate ground return (floating).  Both supplies 500 ma or more.  Note serial port not needed for basic UBOB operation but is need for Expansion products like the ISS-01 and DTHC cards.

CARD SOLD FOR REPLACEMENT?SPARE ONLY.  THIS IS NOT A General Breakout Board (BoB)  and requires other cards for a complete BoB solution.  See the MP3000- Basic









THC Sensor Card not used with DTHCII or DTHCIV

See Connections Kits for RAV-01 voltage divider cards 

This card was the shipping card with all older DTHC units.  It has enhanced balanced Twin-T LC noise filter, improved high voltage tolerance, intergal Arc Gap and input polarity protection.  It is plug compatable with older CandCNC MP1000 THC boxes.  Developed to provide reliable operation for HF start, and the more difficult High Voltage (CD) start units like the larger ESAB units, it has proven itself virtually indestructable.

NOTE:  THE NEW DTHCII DOES NOT USE THIS CARD.  It uses a completely different method of interface to the Plasma Unit.  The THC SENSOR REV15 is for replacement of any existing REV 8 - 15 THC SENSOR card used with the MP1000 or MP3000-DTHC (or LCTHC) products






Designed to plug into the UBOB card and mount anywhere from a few inches to several feet away  Uses conventional relays so you can power AC OR DC loads, WIth or without Softstart

Status LED's for visual confirmation of signals.

Basic I/O Card has 8 inputs and 2 power Relays for outputs.  Plugs into IDC Header on UBOB via IDC to DB25 plug so it can be mounted remotely for easy connection of Table switches and AC loads.  Primary Relay supports up to 20A  @ 275VAC.  Expanded Inputs and outputs available at the UBOB card.

. It does have a DB9 connector and 10 pin ribbon connector to interface to our QUAD RELAY CARD. 

Perfect low cost card for providing spindle control and aux power via the two power relays.  Large 20A relay will handle most AC loads

If you expand with the PORT2 Interface card there are 5 addtional inputs on the Table I/O available.



MTA150 Cable Interface Card

Provides a single cable interface with plugs and terminals to support either hard wiring (via screw terminals) to Motor Drivers or through multi-conductor cables, a single plug interface to our EZPlug series of Gecko Interface.  If you are using another brand of drives (up to 5) you can use the screw terminals.  Illustrated manual shows how.  FOR USE WITH UBOB or UBOB based products (MP3000) ONLY!



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