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MP1000C-THC-COMBO Digital Torch Height + 5.5 Axis + Cables + MACH3

Popular Combo of our MP1000-THC Digital Torch Height and all of the external (DB25) cables for the PC interface + a full license of MACH3 software.  Comes with Support CD and custom MACH profiles.

  • MP1000-THC Advanced Interface/Control
    • With all of the MP1000 cards and features
  • Full MACH3 license
  • Custom MACH profiles and screens
  • Ready for MPG101B Pendant (available separately)
  • Support CD with Demo of DXFTools and sample artwork for plasma


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MINI-IO + RR2 Combo

A package that gives you a single port MINI-IO breakout and it's Remote Relay Card. 

  • Control up to 4 motors
  • Control two AC loads (one 30A and 10A).
  •  Easy table connection of loads and 4 inputs with status LEDS.



Block Diagram HERE!

A set of Modular cards that will make a MINI-IO into a nice 3 or 4 stepper interface system.  Everything plugs together and makes wiring a snap.  You Get a Mini-IO, Remote Relay Card, MTA100, and two EZPlug Gecko Stepper Interface Cards.  Buy the stepper Geckos of your choice (any 200 series) and have your router/mill project electronics done in hours instead of weeks.


  • Provides the essential components to connect a PC to Gecko drives
  • EZPlug cards make Gecko mounting and Motor connection quick
  • No point to point hard wiring.
  • Works with all Gecko 200 series stepper drives
  • Plugs for EZPlug motor connectors


With Gecko Mounting plate kit $185.00

MPG101B Add-on

Add a MPG to the MP1000-THC Combo above or to any Complete Electronics Package (RouterPak or Plazpak) at a discount.  If purchased with any THC based system we send a MPG-101B-THC version.

  • 4 Quadrant Proportional Jogstick
  • Two Axis jogs
  • Two more axis jog with toggle
  • See MPG101 for more features
  • Valid only with purchase of MP1000-THC Combo (above) or RouterPak/Plazpak systems


MPG101 + PORT2B Expansion Combo

MPG101B Pendant + Port2 expansion card .  Add a pendant for MACH3 to ours or any other system.  Requires install of 2nd parallel port card (not included).  Do not order this for MP1000 series boxes since they already have a Port 2 built in!

  • Upgrade your Mini-IO to 2 ports and a nice 28 Function Hand Pendant
  • Can be used with NON-CandCNC port 1 cards (requires +5 V reg power from PC or Port1 card.)


Modular PlazPak1 Kit

Plazpak1  with no power supply, no enclosure, No MACH3 license. You assemble and test.

For full package deals see our packaged deals Solution Menu.

The lowest cost way to get a plasma table with Digital Torch Height control, 3 high strength hybrid stepper motors, all the connectors and cables for the hookup, EZPlug Gecko cards, EZPlug  plate.  You furnish the power supply (48 - 65 VDC @ 10 - 15 A recommended) and build your own enclosure. It comes as a kit and you have to mount and plug together the components.  Still, a much easier way to go than trying to hard wire your box up.

  • Perfect for upgrades and where the builder has the power supply and an enclosure.
  • All the EZPlug cards to run 3 or 4 Geckos.
  • EZPlug Mounting Plate for the Geckos with mounting hardware.
  • DXF files for recommended case cutouts.
  • Full MP1000C-THC Digital THC with cables and all satellite cards.
  • PCI Parallel Port Card (2nd port)
  • 3ea 740 oz-in stepper motors with cables and connectors
  • 3 Gecko 203V Stepper drives



Modular Routerpak1

Same as above but with MP1000-Basic (NO THC)

  • Modular EZPlug connect cards
  • 3 powerful 740 OZ-in Steppers
  • 3 Gecko 203V drives
  • 2 Full Ports of I/O
  • PCI Parallel Port Card
  • EZPlug Plate w/hardware
  • Cables, connectors



Full license.  Special Pricing when purchased with any order of $500.00 or more

Note : Some package deals already have MACH3 included.

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  • Main Control Software  for all CandCNC Products
  • Free Upgrades
  • Large installed base
  • On-line support



Buy any CandCNC Product for over 60.00 USD and get 3 snap-action round-end lever Normally Open Swiches for FREE.  Quality Cherry Brand switches. Use the button to order them with your other products.

Shipping rates on products are based on weight and minimum amount.  As long as you order this item with something else you will not be charged any addtional shipping

(with any purchase of $60.00 or more)