Introducing  the SPSC650:  A complete SMART power supply and power controller.  The heart of all our Plazpaks and Routerpak Electronic Package Deals.  (also see the SPSC1500 which uses the same Smart Controller and larger power components to provide 1.5 KW of power for big servo systems)


60VDC at 10 continuous, 15A intermittent.

Dual Stacked Bridge Mounting plate will mount 4 Gecko drives of any series, two on top and two on the bottom

 Subchassis view showing unitized construction. Gecko Plate removed to show detail 

NOTE:  At this time we do not sell the SPSC650 as a separate unit.   It is an intergal part of our Electronic Packages .   All Plazpaks and RouterPaks use either the SPSC650 or SPSC1500 as part of the package.

Using a unique stacked power design we have made the electronics part of building a professional CNC at a hobby price achievable by anybody that can turn a screwdriver and crimp a terminal onto a wire.  Our controller card has lots of features that simple transformer-bridge-filter cap bulk supplies don't have but it does provide 53 to 60Volts of filtered DC at up to 10A Continuous and 15A intermittent.  It will drive 3 or 4 Geckos running most sizes/combinations of steppers and servos.  If you own any of our MP1000 series products, one cable between them provides both Step and Direction for motor drives (double buffered) and complete power control (RUN & STOP) from the front panel of your MP1000 box.  A standard DB25 plug is also provided for direct connection  to our series of smaller breakout cards like the MINI-IO (optional MTA100 Termination Card required for MINI-IO).  The parallel port inputs and 4 added ouputs are passed through to another DB25 for use with a auxillary input and output card (optional)

NEW SMART Main Power Supply Card with Watchdog Monitor/Control


  • Modular design is compact and clean
  • 11.75"W X 12.5"L X 4 1/5"D Design fits standard 3U rack cases and commercial NEMA case.
  • Easy to setup.  All Power connections are .250 Crimp-on connectors
  • Unique stacked power design gives choices of output voltages.
  • PWM  dynamic braking discharges caps in < 2 sec
  • DC output is loaded on any shutdown to brake the motors
  • Quad AC shutdown protection (Main Switch, Panel Breaker, AC Contactor and Electronic softstart)
  • New processor based watchdog/control shuts down Motor Power instantly for ANY fault condition
  • Supply constantly monitors Motor volts, Motor Current, Internal Temperature)and Heatsink (Gecko)temperature.
  • Ultra Soft Start AC circuit holds inrush current to levels EQUAL TO NORMAL LOAD CONDITIONS!
  • Electronic Fusing acts 100 times faster than conventional fuses.
  • Any shutdown sequence instantly turns power off to motors and applies dynamic braking
  • On Servo based (320/340) systems any servo drive fault shuts down the system (all motion) 
  • Overvoltage protection (OVP) keeps line surges or back EMF from motors from damaging drives or components.  Instant shutdown on OVP events.
  • 40,000 MFD of filter caps.
  • Separate POWER and POWER GROUND for each motor module
  • Designed to provide Floating Power to Gecko's (isolated from logic or PC grounds) for increased noise immunity and elimination of ground loop problems.  Gecko mounting plate/heatsink is NOT grounded to chassis. 
  • Operation on 110 (120V AC) or 220 (240VAC) single phase
  • 220-240VAC 50/60HZ International version available
  • Provisions for quick connect of panel power components (not included) such as main power switch, primary side fuse holder, power cord.
  • When used with CandCNC MP1000 products the RUN and STOP (power control) can also be accessed via the MP1000 front panel RUN and STOP buttons and LED's
  • NEW!  OP-1 Operator Control Pod gives remote RUN/STOP and visual readout of power system parameters including:  Internal Temp (degF) Power Supply Voltage, Total DC Current (Amps)  and a real time bar graph load meter.  OP-1 is OPTIONAL and not required to operate the SPSC650.  See specs below.
  • Plugins for DB25 cable from most port interface cards (eg Mini-IO, etc)
  • Direct interface plug for all CandCNC MP1000 products (via MTA 100 card)
  • Support for 5 axis or 5.5 axis (6 motors, 1 slaved) operation when used with MP1000C series products. 

With the addition of the EZPLUG Servo or Stepper interface cards the interconnects inside the box have dropped to vitually nothing.  The Geckos snap onto the end connectors on one side and posi-loc motor connectors are on the other.  The Gecko "shelf" has been modified so that the Interface cards fit and will slide up to the end of the NEMA case and provide easy external access to both the motor and (in the case of servos) the encoder runs

Pictured above is the new EZPlug Dual Gecko  Interface card for Servo applications.  It features power-on Reset  for both Gecko's, central fault detection (any fault on any drive shuts down power and issues an e-stop signal) and best of all it has Differential inputs using standard RJ45 for UTP network cables.  The connection is so easy anyone can do it.  One ribbon cable down to the PSC650 card and two sets of power cables down to connectors on the PSC650.  Hookup takes 5 minutes or less!  The cards include 2 Differential driver cards for the servo motors.  Instablility from encoder noise goes AWAY!   $68.00 for a Dual Card and two matching Differential drivers (for USDigital encoders with the 5 pin latching connector)

Pictured above the EZPug Dual GeckoI Stepper Interface allows you to quickly mount one or two Gecko stepper drives.  Gecko current is set with handy Dip Switches.  Drive connectors are 5 wide to prevent plugging them into a servo card. $38.00 for a Dual Card

The Interface Cards (servo or stepper) can be stacked top and bottom using our Gecko Mounting plates.  You can run two servos and two steppers or 3 or 4 steppers.

NOTE:  For larger servos more than two are not supported.  See the PSC1500 unit for 3 or 4 servo operation

NEMA MOLDED CASE (SPSC650 drops in and screws down with 4 bolts)

Supplied with cutouts for our sub-assemblies 


Complete Case with cutouts, fan, fan filter, exhaust vent, Main Power Switch, External Fuse Holder, Big Red E-stop button, Matching end plate, Decals.

Open hinged Case with all components installed and ready to run

Closed case ready to plug in motors (motors included with most Plazpak and RouterPak versions.)

it can be used with 2 large and 1 small or 1 stepper combo or any group of motors with continuous ratings of less than 15A TOTAL. 
  The PlazPak 3 and 4 or the RouterPak 3 & 4 use our larger SPSC1500 1.5KW power controller.


OP-1 With Temp display (user selectable)

New OP-1 plugs into side of SPSC Cabinets with 25' shielded cable (included)

OP-1 Shown % load meter (bar graph)

Unit initalizing on power up

FOR COMPLETE PACKAGES THAT HAVE THE SPSC650, Enclosure, GECKO's Motors, Cables, connectors, wired, tested and ready to run, go to the Packaged Products selection page HERE


Part of the PlazPak or Router Pak Deals.  PlazPak 4 shown with MP1000C-THC and SPSC1500

Optional Quad Relay Box shown with standard HCL-310 card that comes with all package deals.