CandCNC has been designing and selling CNC interface components including low cost Torch Height Controllers for over 10 years.  We have hundreds of our first, second and third generation units in the field and WORKING!  We know how to use our products in real production cutting environments and how the software and hardware work together. 

The MP3000 Series are designed to work with an existing CNC Controller that uses conventional motor drivers that take Step and Direction control signals.   The MP3000 includes our unique Breakout Board (BoB) with exclusive PORT EXPANDER technology.   If you have a system and are not sure if the MP3000 will interface, contact us with the details of what you have.  NOTE: typically older CNC plasma tables use proprietary conrols and software and cannot be retro-fitted with just the MP3000 product.  We have complete self-contained controllers HERE in both stepper and servo configurations.

          With exclusive UBOB III Universal Breakout Board

Requires PC with one Parallel and one Serial (RS232 COM PORT)
MP3000F-DTHCII  Digital Torch Height Control with I/O cards
Complete Port Interface including Motor Signals, and machine interface I/O.  A best seller for over 3 years, this 3rd generation control has features you can only find in high end commercial systems.....all at a price any shop can afford.. The MP3000 is a solid performer.  With over 2000 sold there is no better or more reliable control.   Designed for the shop that does everything from a few cuts a week to a full production shop.

 with matching cards

Does not include Software or Plasma Connections Kits See links below to order those items

MP3100-DTHC IV Ultra Fast Digital Torch Height Control.
Take the MP3000 and add the new 4th generation  DTHC IV Ultra High Speed Torch Control and increase the possible Z travel speed during cutting to at least 6 times faster than the DTHCII (or ANY MACH3 based THC) . With an adjustable  Non-Linear, Proportional Gain  Feedback Loop that out-performs anything on the market, and the same advanced automation features of the MP3000 line. You can cut anything from flat thick steel to 26 ga warped sheet metal (even corrugated at high speed).  

 with matching cards
Does not include Software or Plasma Connections Kits.  See links below to order those items.

Requires PC with one Parallel and one USB port.   C3BUS USB to RS485 HUB  is needed (available separately).

Requires PC with one Ethernet (network) and one USB port .
C3BUS USB to RS485 HUB  is needed (available separately).
MP3500-DTHC IV Ultra Fast Digital Torch Height Control. ETHER-CUT system
Simply the BEST solution for a modern table.  Take the MP3100 and replace having to use the old 25 pin LPT Parallel Port with a modern Ethernet 100 mbs network connection, make all of the connections to and from the PC by color coded CAT 5 simple twisted pair cables, and then add the ability to separate the PC up to 50 ft from the MP3500 box  and you step up to the ultimate in machine control interfaces.   Couple that with a SMOKIN' fast Digital Torch Height  (DTHC IV) and it just leaves everthing else looking sad and lonely!

 with matching cards
Does not include Software or Plasma Connections Kits. See links below to order those items
You won't find another solution for building a professional plasma/flame cutting system at ANY price that has more features or is as easy to setup and use as the MP3000-DTHC series.  Don't believe us?  Go to our handy comparison chart and use it to shop other vendors on a feature by feature basis, then when you get to the all important $$$ columun, it makes the decison easy.  Don't forget you are getting a CNC interface system AND a modern Digital THC in one box.


  • Uses PC based constant velocity MACH3 Software (not included).  Ships with custom Plug0ins and Screens sets 
  • ONLY THC where EVERYTHING is controlled from one Set of Screens.You have total control over the way the THC responds and cuts. NO KNOBS to twist! NEW!  DCC lets you set all of your Cut Profile from the JOB file (G-Code) using SheetCAM and our custom POSTS
  • ONLY THC ont the market that has single cable direct connection to Hypertherms and Thermal Dynamics (some models)
  • ONLY THC that  uses a noise immune Digital Sender Unit (PWM Module) to  send Torch Volts from the plasma.
  • Single parallel port solution. No second port card to install/setup/troubleshoot. (MP3500 uses NO Parallel Port)
  • Every MP3000 series control has 9 opto isolated INPUTS and 3 power relays
  • Buffered Step & Direction for direct interface to Motor added cards or BOB's needed! 
  • Run with presets or adjust on the fly.  On screen "Profiles" to let you setup automatic settings for any type of cutting. 
  • Control the cut gap (tip volts) on the fly or from a preset
  • Full THC features including CV tuning, Response Profile, Head Lock, and Anti-corner Drive settings (requires SheetCAM TNG)
  • All Parameters are displayed and set from our custom screen menus.  
  • Exclusive Self-test allows instant checking of DTHC to PC communications and proper THC functions; all at the press of one button.
  • Arc Volts Tracking within 1/4 volt (settable).  DTHC IV has 1/16 Volt resolution!
  • Buffered 4 or 5 channels of Step and Direction (one hardware slaved) on parallel port versions
  • MP3500 Ethercut has 5 INDEPENDANT channels to build  rotary multiaxis plasma cutters
  • One click software install for setup files (Profiles, screens, default settings).  Menu driven auto installer 
  • Full Two Year Limited Warranty Parts and Labor (Depot only)
  • UNLIMITED FREE Support via e-mail and Support Site.   Free Phone support during warranty period (2 yrs) 

NEW FEATURES (03/08/2014)

  • DCC on any plasma cutter  Tight integration with MACH, SheetCAM and our Plug-ins let you set and load automatically plasma cut parameters .  No knobs, no buttons, nothing to remember to set.  It's stored in your CUT FILE! The most operator friendly system anywhere.   
  • Exclusive TAP option for the Hypertherm.  Now you can cut with Total Automated Plasma.  Only CandCNC brings you this feature.  You have total control of the cut, including the Cut Current (AMPS) and Air Pressure. Interface to our optional RS485 SIM kit for direct-plasma control of panel settings  (requires added options on the Hypertherm and from CandCNC.)
  • Uses new DTHCII and DTHCIV technology for single cable hookup to plasma units with Automation Interface.
  • New DTHCIV is 10 times faster than any other MACH based THC product.  Full PID control.  

These items come with ALL MP3000 series systems.  
WHAT IT IS WHAT IT DOES                             
TABLE I/O CARD Handles all of the INPUTS (Homes, Limits, etc) through 9 opto-isolated inputs.  Provides two power relays (Output 2 and Output3)  for auxillary loads.  Connects to MP3000/MP3100/MP3500 via DB25 cable (provided).  
PWM MODULE Part of the DTHC II and DTHC IV system.  Mounts at the Plasma cutter and is used to send and receive signals to the plasma.  Contains the relay to fire the torch and a special analog to digital circuit to send back voltage as data (digital ) signals that is noise immune.   Has jumper settings to match common 20:1 and 50:1 dividers provided in some CNC ready plasma torches, or a 7:1 for use with OPTIONAL  RAV-01 voltage divider card.  NOTE: PWM Module needs a "CONNECTION KIT" for a specific plasma.  See the link buttons below the Order Section to order. Connection kits are NOT included.
MTA150 CARDProvides connection points for up to 5 axis of buffered  Step & Direction Signals.   Designed to be used to wire discrete motor driver modules to the MP3000 system.  Also has added headers for easy interface to several multiple driver controllers (G540 and Xylotex are two examples) that use conventional pinouts. (NO,  the  TBA6560 imports will NOT work!) See G540 adapter cable at the botttom of the page  to order.   The MTA150 uses low noise buffers so it is usable with longer cables (up to 15 ft from the MP3000 unit.   Uses single DB25 cable to MP3000 (provided)

MTA150 Motor Driver Interface card

The Control Software (MACH3)
Mach3 has set a standard for features and flexibility.  It is the first Windows CNC application to offer an open development environment for plug-ins, multiple machine profiles, advanced constant velocity motion contol and a custom developer API.  You have full access to the features that compliment plasma cutting using our custom screen and setup files. Every MP3000-DTHC ships with the files you need on a CD.   The MP3000-DTHC is the first THC product to take full advantage of the MACH3 interface and to actually let the control software talk directly with the THC Controller hardware.  The Preset Torch Volts and the Actual Torch Volts are displayed and set from the MACH screen.
Sample MACH3 MP3100-DTHC IV custom screen

DTHC IV based Screen Set showing  DCC and TAP features.              This  area is a tab "Flyout "

When you push the CUT PROFILE Button a screen pops up that lets you select the cut parameters from a list or allows you to ADD profiles to build your own list. Some items (top section) are for reference only to save looking them up in a manual.  THC specific items such as TIP VOLT PRESET and the Head Lock and Fault Point values are set from this screen



All of the Cut Profile Settings are available in  SheetCAM as you create the Operations and generate a G-CODE file. CandCNC was the first to bring you the CUT PROFILE system of Stored Settings.  CandCNC is the first and ONLY vendor to have DCC (Dynamic Cut  Control) and to be able to store all of your settings in the G-Code file.  Cut the same job the same way EVERY TIME.  It even prompts the operator to check the Tip size and Cut Current on the plasma AND IF YOU HAVE THE  FULL TAP  SETUP it even sets your AMPS and AIr Pressure on the  plasma!   ALL AUTOMATICALLY

No other THC (ATHC, VTHC,etc) has the level of control and features as our new MP3000-DHTC.  Using advanced processor technology, the THC can be set to respond to cutting conditions that rival products costing thousands of dollars more. NO OTHER vendor offers you a choice of connection options including a single network cable for all input and output including motor outputs. 




MP3000-DTHCII unit and external cards. All cables for connecting external cards. Includes THC SENSOR PWM MODULE, TABLE I/O card and MTA150. Full cables for connection to PC. No MACH3 software or SheetCAM (see software option bundles below).  


MP3100-DTHCIV new high speed DTHC  unit and external cards. All cables for connecting external cards. Includes PWM MODULE, TABLE I/O card and MTA150. Full cables for connection to PC. No MACH3 software or SheetCAM (see software option bundles below).



MP3500-DTHCIV new high speed DTHC  unit and external cards. Uses ETHERNET port for motion control (no parallel port).  All cables for connecting external cards. Includes PWM MODULE, TABLE I/O card and MTA150. Full cables for connection to PC. No MACH3 software or SheetCAM (see software option bundles below)



C3Bus Communications hub.  USB to RS485 4 port hub. Required for all MARK IV series products including the DTHC IV above.  ONE HUB PER SYSTEM NOTE: THIS HUB IS NOT PART OF ANY MP3000 product above. So unless you already have one that came with another CandCNC product, you will need to order one here. 

Basic Plasma Software Bundle consists of MACH3 Full license and SheetCAM TNG.  Free vector drawing program (Inkscape) and free selection of vector clipart. Customs POSTS for SheetCAM 

Artisen Plasma Software Bundle consists of MACH3 Full license and SheetCAM TNG. plus DXFTOOL Standard for flawless DXF files from CORELDRAW (version 12 or later) and free selection of vector clipart in CDR format. (CorelDraw NOT included).


OPEN FRAME VERSIONS TO MOUNT IN YOU OWN ENCLOSURE.  Cards are mounted on a precsion drilled sub-chassis and ready to mount to a cut out inside a custom enclosure.   You can order any MP3000 above in Open Frame (no plastic case).  The prices are the same.  Just add the option to your or order.


 MP3500 Ether-Cut Model shown.  Other models will have slightly  different layouts

  Connection Options:
NEW!!  For Hypertherm models 65, 85, 105 & 125 our HyT-Connect™ technology
for direct control of the Plasma Arc Current (AMPS) and Air Pressure (PSI)
from our CUT PROFILE (stored settings)

  For other brands of plasma cutters you will need the RAV-01 and (usually) the DCP-01
to get divided volts and ARC OK signals

OPTIONS  for Plasma Cutting Including:

  • DCP-01 Digital Current Probe            
  • FT-01 Feather Touch Ohmic Sensor
  • PN200 48 Function Hand Controller 

Link to options page'

GECKO G540 CABLE OPTIONS FOR MP3000 ,  MP3100  and MP3500

Gecko G540 adapter cable for MP3000--DTHC (DTHCII)

Connection Cable for connecting a G540 to the MP3000 at the MTA150 card that comes with all modesl of the the MP3000-DTHC above   Provides  a single cable interface to the G540 DB25 connector.  NOTE: in this configuration all of the I/O for the system is handled by the MP3000.  The G540 becomes the motor driver (only) while the MP3000 handles all of the I/O functions to MACH.  Cable is approx 5 inces long.  A standard DB25 M-F extension cable can be used (up to 15ft) to connect to G540 input.  This does not provide any power to the G540 or pass through any I/O pins from/to the G540. 




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