MP3000 Basic

$240.00 with Table I/O and MTA100 Cards.

Introducing the best PC to machine interface.  The MP3000-Basic has is all of the input/outputs you will need for most applications.  It's perfect for router and milling setups.  It's the ONLY product on the market that can be field upgraded to a Spindle Speed or a Digital Torch Height Controller using a single plug module.   You get the Table I/O card and MTA100 card to give you full functionality. Up to 5 axis or 5.5 axis with our EZPLug Motor interface mudules of buffered high speed step & direction PLUS 8 more double buffered relay driver outputs.  The Table I/O moves the connection points for the Home and Limit switches out to the table or inside the power controller where they belong and makes the process of wiring easier and more reliable.  In addition you can expand the Table I/O with our Quad Relay Box).   Review the features list and then check our Specials section for combo pricing.  The MP3000-Basic is the perfect plug-n-go solution for routers and milling machines. 


  • 4 full axis of buffered outputs for use with all step and direction input motor drivers.  50ma Line driver chips for driving opto input motor drivers (i.e. Gecko). 4.5 axis.  Hardware slave options for extra slaved axis.
  • Expanded single port I/O.   Uses UBOB technology.  More Inputs and Outputs than any other single port interface.
  • Remote breakout card for motor drivers (MTA150) interfaces to any screw terminal S&D motor drives OR via a single connector to our EZ Plug Gecko interface cards 
  • Works with PN 200, our 48 function Hand Controller
  • Unique multifunction Table I/O card for full Homes and Limits.  2 power relay outputs.  Mounts on table and connects via a single DB25 cable.  Table accessable Feedhold and Emergency Power Off/On Table I/O card. Extra isolated inputs. Plug-in expansion DTHC II or ISS-02 (Spindle Speed) have their own relays.
  • All panel connections to the MP3000 are standard shielded DB25 or DB9 cables available anywhere or as an option below.
  • Clear concise manuals
  • Unparalleled support
  • Front panel Charge Pump indicator for use with MACH2/3 CP feature.
  • Compact unit apprx 10 X 7 X 3 1/2 fits close to your PC for finger-tip control  or tucks away in your control cabinet
  • Can be Field Upgraded to Spindle Speed or DTHC functions.
  • Perfect control box for Router and Milling operations.  Get your logic control out of the heat and noise of the Motor/Driver box!
  • Read more about the Base I/O controller in the MP3000 (UBOB) HERE



Our exclusive PORT STRETCHER technology and the  plug-ins for the PN200 (see website for more details).  Easy to install, easy to use.  If you are looking to buy a product that is well engineered and upgradable then the MP3000-Basic is the answer.



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Save $$! Buy the MP3000-DTHC ready to go HERE

Full Digital Torch Height Control Expansion Module


HUH?  What's this?  Because the DTHC is now a tiny plug-in module you can make ANY UBOB based product into a full blown Digital Torch Height Control.  Comes with a matching THC Sensor Card for interface to your Plasma cutter.
NOTE:  YOU CANNOT HAVE A ISS-O2 SPINDLE SPEED AND DTHC-Expansion Module plugged in at the same time.





Spindle Saver is a defined (by the user) spindle soft start and burn-in profile that provides warming the spindle and bearings up slowly as required by the manufacturer.  Screen settings allow the profile to be applied anytime the spindle has been inactive for over 10 minutes.

ISS-02 Spindle Speed Expansion Module

With exclusive Spindle Saver technology to use a stepped speed increase on commercial spindles.

(DISCONTINUED!  ISS-03 due to be released April 2013)

Control your VFD (for 3Phase, AC Spindles or your DC  Motor control if equipped with an input for 0-10VDC) from the MACH screen, or from "S" commands in G-code.  The SPS module is extremely linear and uses an embedded processor.  It gets its speed commands from the UBOB interface (serial connection to MACH) so it does not use up 2 valuable MACH signal pins like the PWM or S&D designs.  The module installs in 5 minutes into the front panel expansion port of the MP3000.  It comes with a remote interface card to make the connections to the VFD easy.  It is totally isolated from PC logic so you don't have to worry about the VFD or DC control not being at the same ground.  It puts out a voltage that is proportional to the persentage of max RPM you define (so if you have a 20,000 RPM spindle and you command 10,000) it puts out 5.0 volts. The card has a RUN relay and REVERSE relay. (Most VFD's require use one or both signals.) 

Auto-test functions and custom screens and plug-ins for MACH make this one easy to install and easy to troubleshoot.  Ships with Remote VFD Breakout and 25ft DB9 cable for the Breakout.

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