How to decide if you need an LCTHC or the more advanced MP3000-DTHC Solution 

Choose MP3000-DTHC if you :

Choose LCTHC if you:

  • Have an existing table that you are retro-fiiting and
    upgrading to MACH control and need the complete
    logic interface to the PC.

  • Building a table from scratch and have none of the
    Controls (BOB's etc) yet.

  • Are new to CNC and have never built a system

  • Want to save time and have a system that is designed
    to work together.

  • Need the advanced features of the DTHC (see the
    comparison chart)

  • Need support for other aspects of CNC plasma cutting
    like the basic motion controls, MACH setup,
    CAD/Drawing software,

The more of the electronics you buy as an integrated package
the more detailed support you can expect on making it all run
and work as a system.  For systems that are Plug-n-Run see
our line of Complete Packages.  Most popular selling
integrated packing is the BladeRunner AIO Dragon-Cut.

  • Want to add digital TORCH HEIGHT CONTROL
    to an existing 3 axis table (operational Z axis) that
    uses MACH3 as the control software.

  • Understand how to interface different vendors
    products and what parts and pieces you need
    for a working system and how they work with

  • Understand terms like: Inputs and
    Outputs, Isolation, PC referenced power,
    Motor Power, etc

  • Need the lowest cost solution for an automated
    Torch Height Control
  • Already have most of the electronics you need to build a
    CNC project or the time and patience to go though the
    learning curve of "stick building" a CNC table

  • Don't expect us to provide you with a list of "stuff" you
    need to build a table or detailed instructions on how to
    interface the LCTHC to other vendors products

"The simple desire to save money does not necessarily translate into the ability to do so".  Remember:  A machine that fails to operate properly is NOT a bargain no matter how much you saved on the pieces!.