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See warranty statement below.

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        Complete with Cables and THC Sensor Card for plasma interface.  See OPTIONS below for G540 Interface and ARC OK sensor.

For use with MACH3 control software (not included)


  • Compact 3.5 X 5.5 panel space
  • Single Rotary encoder /switch combo with detents for settings. Each click = 1 volt change in preset.
  • Increase/Decrease values based on direction of rotation
  • Menu selection via swtich
  • Self Test mode for setup and troubleshooting
  • High Speed Processor with 10 bit A to D for quick response
  • Module retains last cut settings even on power down
  • Usable with most BOB's that have 3 open inputs.
  • Can be used directly with a 2nd parallel port card if desired (not supplied).
  • Comes with THC Sensor Card for remote ON/OFF of torch and for picking up Raw Arc Volts and ARC OK signals.
  • Ships with universal bias wallplug to power module and Torch Relay (other voltages may be required depending on the BoB or controls being interfaced to and are the responsibility of the builder)
  • Works with most plasma units including HF start and CD start models
  • Optional Low Cost Current transformer for ARC OK on plasma units that lack that signal ouput.
  • Accurate and fast.  Arc Volt tracking within + - 1 arc volt
  • Front panel simultaneous readout of preset and actual Arc volts with indicators for ARC OK, TORCH ON and UP/DOWN move signals
  • Clear, concise manual with detailed setup and testing instructions
  • Works with MACH3 control software to give a complete Plasma control solution. (not included)
  • Ships with SheetCAM POST processor for a seamless drawing-to-cut solution.
  • 60 days free phone support and unlimited on-line (forum) support to original buyer**
  • Plug compatable * with Gecko G540 units (see Options for single cable interface option)
  • Comes with MACH3 profiles and screens for G540.
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor.to original buyer**

    Unit can be hand wired to most BOB solutions including the Gecko G540.  For easier integration we offer an optional single cable plug-n-run Gecko 540 Interface Card (See OPTIONS Below)

    NOTE **  Original Buyer is defined as the person that ordered the unit (name & address) and has proof of purchase.  The warranty and support DO NOT automatically transfer.  If you want to buy a used table from an individual have that person give you their original order information (name, date and order number) and we will transfer the warranty part of the item to you.  We cannot support other electronics not purchased from CandCNC .   No other warranty is either expressed or implied.




This unit carries a LIMITED WARRANTY and support and is to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY.  Please read and understand the warranty statements. The LCTHC is a Low Cost Featured-limited THC,  designed for the pure DIY/hobby builder and is not offered as a commercial or industrial solution.   If you are offered a used machine or kit from a individual or reseller/OEM that has an LCTHC please be aware that they are responsible to give you support and warranty and that  does not pass through automatically to you. 

Most other products CandCNC offers can be purchased and do carry a full 2 year warranty, with full support to any legal owner of the equipment.  

Built on years of experience in providing digital Torch Height Control the LCTHC represents a breakthrough in cost and features for the DIY
builder that already has a running CNC table and wants to convert it to plasma or is comfortable with building CNC tables at the card level.  The LCTHC ships mounted to a CNC routed front plate with a decal.  It can be mounted in your controller box behind a 3 X 5 rectangular cutout, or in our optional Surface Mount Plastic Case.  Make your connections to the screw terminals along one side and you are ready to setup and test the LCTHC.  The LCTHC manual will take you through testing and how to confirm the module is working with the MACH Profile (XML) you have loaded.  It's designed to be easy to setup and all settings are done via a single rotary encoder and switch.  You can change presets in seconds and the back lit LCD can be read in light or dark conditions.
  Please see the Comparison Chart to determine CandCNC product best fits your needs.  Still confused?  See the Decision List for more answers.

LCTHC Low Cost Torch Height Control.  Includes THC Sensor Card w/ torch relay, Universal wallplug bias supply, Routed Front Panel w/Decal, Soft touch knob, 25 ft DB9 cable for Sensor card.


U.S. & Canada    PRICING     $275.00


LCTHC Low Cost Torch Height Control.  Includes THC Sensor Card w/ torch relay, Universal wallplug bias supply, Routed Front Panel w/Decal, Soft touch knob, 25 ft DB9 cable for Sensor card.



PRICING     $295.00




FOR USE WITH  LCTHC Plasma cutters that do not have an ARC OK signal output.

Optional AC side Current Transformer (CT) for 35 to 200A units.  Allows plasma units that do not have an accessable Arc Good (Arc XFER, Arc OK, Okay to Move, etc.) signal to be used with our LCTHC and automated cutting system.  AC cord (one leg) is passed through the CT and two small wires go to our THC Sensor Card (included with LCTHC) and provides an ARC GOOD signal to MACH.

If your plasma unit does not have a plug for the Arc Good signal (comes on when the arc has been established), you need to order one of these.  Manual has compete instructions for hookup.



$19.00 (includes resistor


The MAGIC that makes it RUN!  The most popular CNC Control Software for PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

Most of the LCTHC customers will already have and be using MACH3 software but for those that do not have a licensed copy (THC functions in MACH do not work with the DEMO version) then here is an opportunity to get one at a nice discount.  Just order it at the same time as the LCTHC and you will be sent the License Key via the E-mail that notifys you your LCTHC has been shipped.  If you have to ask if you need MACH then you probably are not a canidate for the LCTHC!





Just another reason builders look to CandCNC for SOLUTIONS!.  Combining an interface card that gives direct connections between the LCTHC (via 6 ft cable) with a place to plug in external power for the Gecko auxillary options AND an on-board 10A extra relay you have all the bases covered.  With the G540 Interface card you have inputs for (up to) 6 external NC switches (puts them in series to consolidate all the Homes and Limits into one input) and the signals to fire the Torch Relay (rt5rt5rt5rt5mkthe THC Sensor card shipped with the LCTHC.  Provided with a MACH3 profile and screens so all the hard work is done!
NOTE: The G540 Interface card is not required to be able to hook up the LCTHC to the G540 by hardwiring. Hardwiring instructions are included.





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