Welcome to the technical information page for the CandCNC
HyT-CONNECT™ Program.  Anytime you see this logo 
or the HyT-CONNECT text,  it refers to a group of products designed to make connection to HYPERHTERM plasma cutters easier and quicker and to access features inherent in those Plasma Cutters.  CandCNC does not sell Hypertherm products and any product name or model number is used as a reference only and links to Hypertherm products and literature will be provided where appropriate

The HyT-Connect product line consists of:

  • Custom multiconductor cables for connection to the CPC panel connector on the plasma unit to the stock CandCNC Digital Pickup (THC SENSOR PWM)
  • Voltage Divider cards for models that do not have that feature available
  • Digital DC Current Sensor for models that lack ARC OK (arc xfr/ TRANSFER) signals
  • RS485 to USB communication module for models with an RS485 serial interface
  • Custom drivers for USB to RS485
  • Custom drivers for MACH3 for setting and display of internal (panel) settings on specific Hypertherm models (currently 65 & 85)
  • Rapid setup technology with plug-n-run electronics
  • Model Specific instructions and manual   
    Not all options are available on all models.  Check with the your Hypertherm Representative.



EXAMPLE SETUP:  Hooking up the Advanced Connection Kit to a Hypertherm 65 or 85 Plasma cutter:
Note: your plasma cutter must have the CPC option and the RS485 Serial Interface Option from Hypertherm.  Contact your Hypertherm Dealer to order those upgrade kits if your unit does not have them.


DCP-01 Digital Current Probe


 Locate the THC SENSOR PWM MODULE/  Attach to outside of the plasma cutter case with Velcro.  THC SENSOR PWM Module is part of the DTHCII package and comes with any system that has the DTHCII option.

Remove Workclamp lead clamp end and slide DCP-01 onto the cable


Connect the 4 conductor satin cable between DCP-01 and THC SENSOR PWM. Connect THC PWM Sensor to DTHCII module (in the MP3000 or the BladeRunner ) via the yellow UTP cable supplied with the kit

Locate the MIC-01 cable in the kit and plug the Control Signal Plug ( four wide connector)  into the side of the THC SENSOR PWM Module.  Plug in the 3.5mm shielded stereo cable to it's machting plug on the oppositie side.

Plug the other end of the MIC-01 (round circular connector) onto the CPC connector on the rear of the Hypertherm 65/85. 

Turn the sleave on the connector clockwise to tighten the connection

HyT-CONNECT™ RS485 Serial Interface Module (SIM) Kit

RJ45 to 5 Wide Eurostyle connector adapter
(Serial Plug Adapter)

In the HyT-Connect RS485 SIM Kit you
will find the components pictured above.  Unwrap the 25 ft UTP cable.



Take the 65/85 Serial Plug Apapter and plug it into the 5 pin connector on the rear of the PlasmaThere are two small machine screws that can be used to hold the plug in place but the plug fits snuggly  

USB to RS485 at back of PC

Plug one end of the 25ft UTP Cable from the HyT-Connect RS485 SIM Kit into the Serial Plug adapter.  There should ba a positive click when the UTP cable seats into the plug.

Put the USB to RS485 module from the kit at or close to the Controller PC.  Plug the other end of the 25ft UTP cable from the Serial Plug adapter into the RJ45 UTP jack on the module.  Plug the small square  USB (B size) connector into the end of the module.

Part of MACH3 Custom Screen supplied with all DTHC products

The remainder of the setup consists of loading software drivers and installing the CandCNC custom screens and setup files for MACH so you can control the new features on your Hypertherm 65/85 plasma cutter. DTHCII User manual and the HyT-Connect RS485 SIM Kit manual covers the setup and testing.of the varous components. To see the functions of the different screen controls click the green bar below:

Plug the other end of the USB cable (Wider "A" series connector) into an open USB jack on the PC.


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