This is a full sized section of the DTHC Control from the custom CandCNC MACH3 Operators Screen:

Click on Keys and LED's for details

DTHCII Screen Group


ONLINE Indicators.  Click for detailsTHC Moves READOUT.  Click for detailsUB; DOWN & ARC OK Indicators.  Click for detailsTIP SAVER (anti-dive)  Click for detailsTHC ON/OFF Button.  Click for detailsPreset Volts Readout/Input DRO.  Click for detailsTorch Volts Readout (DRO).  Click for detailsSend To DTHC, Click for detialTorch Amps (Cutting Current)  Click for detailsPreset Amps (HT-Connect Feature). Click for detailsAmps Out of Range Indicator.  Click For DetailsSMART-KUT (Teach).  Click for detailsTORCH ON/OFF Toggle...manual torch swtich.  Click for detais DTHC ONLINE indicator