USED WITH THE CandCNC DCP-01 Digital Current Probe ONLY!!

The Amps Out of Range indicator (RED LED) is based on the setting of the Cut Current and the Current Tolerance settings in the CUT PROFILE (Settings) window

Access the CUT PROFILE by clicking on:

On the MACH 3 DTHC screen

In the CUT PROFILES Window you will see in "settings" group the two following DRO's

The Cut Current is the defined cut current for the material you are cutting .  The Current Tolerance % is a percentage you will allow the CUT CURRENT to vary before you get a CUT CURRENT FAULT. When there is a fault, the Amps out of Range LED indicator will light on the operator screen to warn the operator there is a problem.  Since the actual cut current is displayed  (TORCH AMPS) it is easy to visually check to see the actual value.  In the above example the Current Tolerance % is set to 20.  that means the fault would occur if the current was 9 AMPS (20% of 45A) higher or lower than 4t.  Thus it would trip at 36A or at 54A

NOTE:  IF YOU HAVE THE NEW HT-CONNECT® RS485 SIM Option from CandCNC to a Hypertherm 65 or 85 unit then the CUT CURRENT value will be automatically sent to the plasma cutter and set your cut current remotely.  You have to have the RS485 SIM setup and have the 65/85 in "CNC" mode (done automatically by the HT-Connect RS485 SIM software)

The CUT PROFILE can also be setup to do specific actions on a current fault desides turning on the AMPS Out of Range indicator.

By checking the highlighted box you can have the machine STOP (torch off & stop motion and e-stop MACH3); on a Current Fault