Simple:  It plugs into any of our products as an expansion module.  No extra box, no complex cableing, no extra power supply, no knobs to twist, no wires to solder, no HASSLE.   You can add a Full Featured Digital Torch Height Control to any UBOB, MP3000 or BladeRunner product at ANY TIME.

Using surface-mount technology we have shrunk the THC logic section of the older MP1000C-THC down from a card that was almost 7 X 3 (21 sq inches) to a tiny card anbout 2 X 3 inhes (6 sq inches).  Expensive components have been replaced with lower cost embedded processors. The readout of volts and other indicators has moved to the computer screen and the cost of those components removed. Expanding on our MP1000C, the DTHC Module has TOTAL ANALOG ISOLATION from the plasma side including the Tip Volts.  No more hassles with ground loops or strange problems from tying logic control to the noisy plasma signals.

THE DTHC Expansion Module is installed inside the MP3000 Case (or your panel with a UBOB Builders Kit), and is accessed from the front panel.  The THC Sensor card plugs directly into the DB9 and a 16 pin ribbon cable attaches it to the Universal BOB.

Total install time including software update (auto install program furnished) is less than 10 minutes.

Advanced Self Test functions allows a one-button test that confirms communication and proper signals to MACH.  Push the button, and the MP3000-DTHC goes into a multi-test loop that sends simulated Tip Volts and  UP and DOWN signals to the screen.  It checks the operation of the DTHC Expansion Module and the communications link (serial) to MACH3. 

The powerful part of the DTHC is the frimware and interface to MACH3.  Mach has always been an excellent controller for plasma because the control of the Z under THC is in the core logic of MACH.   It's fast and tied to the other motions of the machine so advanced toolpath functions can be used.  Now, the DTHC builds on that and adds in functions that takes torch control to a new level. Now you can choose a Cut Profile for every kind of material or cutting you do and get the optimum results.  Everything is on the screen and at your fingertips..

Custom DTHC screen brings instant feedback and control of vital settings


Exclusive CUT PROFILE Popup lets you select and edit any number of types of cuts.  Also stores important information for the operator about what tip, cut current and Feedrate the job should be set to.  All of the information you need and the settings you choose are behind one button.

  • Default Cut Profiles get you started. NO KNOBs to Twist, No adjustments to change.
  • Create your own or edit the existing profiles
  • Control of Preset Volts on screen for each type of cutting...just select and run
  • Control of tracking volts "Span Gap" lets you set how tight you want the control to track.  You can set it as close as 1/4 volt to 2 volts or more.  Set it tight for thin, fast cutting and looser for thick slow cutting. 
  • Tip Saver feature: Control of the percentage voltage allowed before the Head "locks" from going down. This prevents the tip from diving when it crosses a void, gets close to the start point or passes over a hole or cutout.  Based on tip volts it won't let the head dive into a void.
  • Control of when and how a Fault is handled.  You set the upper and lower voltage faults.
  • Control of the "THC Delay" so spikes caused by a pierce are not used for any of the Faults or "Tip Saver"  actions by the DTHC.
  • Control of WHAT happens on a fault.  You can have it turn off the torch, raise the head to safe Z, etc

THC SENSOR CARD   Shipped with MP3000-DTHC or DTHC Upgrade

The THC Sensor card is installed adjacent to the plasma unit and provides the interface for the Torch Switch, scaling, and filtering of the Tip Voltage.Also available as an option, (not shown) is the Current Sense Transformer designed for plasma machines that do not have an Arc Good (XFR) active signal. Circuitry is provided to adjust the sensitivity of the Arc Sensing and a front panel lamp indicates the Arc Good condition.  Interface connection to the controller is with a standard DB9 shielded cable. An can be up to 25 ft in length.

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