OPTIONS & EXPANSION CARDS  You MUST decide which options you need for your plasma cutter.  The DTHC II system comes with the base sender unit (THC Sensor PWM module) and DTHC II Expansion Module.  For MOST plasma cutters you will need to order the Raw Arc Voltage Divider (RAV-01) card below.  If your unit lacks an ARC OK signal (most do not have that signal) you will also need the DCP-01 Digital Current Probe. 

The MIC-01 and MIC-02 cables ARE FOR SPECIFIC brands and models of plasma cutters.  It requires you have a rear panel "CPC" connector and internal voltage divider.  If you have questions contact our Tech Support via phone or by e-mail at




"sniffs" the current at the cut!


Now you can see the actual  DC Amps AT THE CUT using our exclusive DCP add-on module for the DTHC.  It is accurate within better than 2% across a range of 20 to 125A (higher range version available on request).  Displayed in real time on the same screen as the TORCH VOLTS,  it gives you precise information about your plasma cut.  No longer do you have to guess at what the true cut current is.   Use the Cut Profile to preset fault points so you can prevent bad cuts due to improper dial settings or poor workclamp connections.  The DCP also acts as an adjustable ARC OK sensor and it works with any plasma cutter.  Each Cut Profile can have it's own ACR OK trip value in AMPS. 

NOTE: You need to order this option if your plasma cutter DOES NOT HAVE AN ARC OK (aka Transfer, Arc Xfr, OK to Move) signal. Plugs directly into the new THCSensor-PWM Module






Custom interface cable.  For DTHC II systems Only.  Order MIC-01 or MIC02 based on the  model and features of your HYPERTHERM or THERMALDYNAMICS plasma cutter.  This cable will not work with other plasma cutters or other models that do not have the rear panel CPC connector.  It will not work with any other THC or DTHC but the DTHCII and the THC Sensor PWM Module.


One end plugs to the Rear CPC connector on your Plasma the other into the THC SENSOR PWM Module
Read this carefully!
The new Hypertherm 45/65/85 series plasma cutters and the new Thermal Dynamics A60/A80/A120 can be ordered with a rear panel Automation Connector (CPC Recepticle) that allows direct access to some or all of the signals needed for CNC automation.


THE MIC-01 is for plasma units that have the internal voltage divider option and the divided volt appears on the rear CPC.

THE MIC-02 is for plasma units that DO NOT have the internal voltage divider option but have the rear CPC for the START (TORCH ON) and ARC OK (Transfer) signals  See the RAV-01 Card below for a voltage divider card (universal).

Note: Some TD 52/82/102 units can be ordered with the CPC rear connector.  The Automation Interface Card for divided volts is optional and must be purchased from TD separately.







Order this card if you do not have an internal voltage divider card or one that is not compatable with the inputs of the THC Sensor PWM Module

RAV-01 Raw Arc Volts Voltage Divider Card.

Designed for plasma units that do not have an integrated ARC Volts divider (most units do not), this card mounts inside the plasma unit and is connected to the Electrode leads and the Workclamp leads inside (raw arc volts).  It also has screw terminals to use for the TORCH switch and to pick up an ARC OK signal IF YOUR UNIT has one.  The card has test buttons to confirm connections.  The m anual covers how to find and interface to most plasma cutters.  If you have an older Hypertherm (1000, 1250, 1650) or TD with no voltage divider option (but with internal ARC OK and START signals) then you should order this card with your DTHCII.  If your plasma is not setup for automation then you need this card and probabaly the DCP-01 to get an arc ok.  Raw voltage is divided, filtered and is directly connected through a sheilded cable (supplied) to our THC Sensor PWM module.  4 wide connector for other signals also included. Works with both hand torch and machine torch setups.




MACH3 License


MACH3 Full license (if purchased with any BladeRunner package above)