This Chart compares the MP3000-DTHCII Interface unit using our exclusive DTHCII technology and MACH3 as a controller,  to the LCTHC Low Cost THC Module  Features/Specs as of 11/05/11.   You can also use the chart to compare against other vendors THC products. Exclusive features are in BOLD. Some features are from MACH3 and/or SheetCAM programs used in conjuction with the listed products. 

 If you are shopping for a CNC plasma table:  Just because the vendor lists (ATHC, VHC, AVHC, etc) on their features list does not mean it has any or all of the features listed below.  A THC is an important part of plasma cutting (especially on material 10ga or thinner) If the vendor will not give specifications or features of their THC (no matter what they call it) you may find you are missing a lot of useful feautures that could imporve your cut quality and better automate the process.  Take some time and do the research so you don't end up with less for more money.  If you would like a list of OEM table manufacturers that use the DTHCII technology contact us. 


 Has Feature (Full)Feature is limited Feature not available

BOLD indicates CandCNC exclusive feature

(BladeRunner Dragon-Cut and all Plazpaks)


Vendor A



MACH Screen based settings and readouts


All settings and display on MP3000-DTHC are on the Operator Screen .  Central console. No other places to look or knobs to twist.

DCC Dynamic Cut Comtrol

Dynamic control of DTHC parameters and plasma cut from the G-CODE.  Settings are stored in the JOB file in SheetCAM. Settings can be changed WHILE cutting from the code.

RS485 Serial Option for Hypertherm

Allows full remote control of plasma unit settings.  Full DCC from G-CODE (including Cut Current)
Dual Voltage readout

 Shows both your target (PRESET) and actual (TORCH VOLTS) at the same time,  for quick comparison

Cut Profile (Stored Presets) library

  LCTHC does not support stored profiles or MACH screen interaction.  CUT PROFILES are a powerful tool to get good consistant cuts on all types of metal.

HF and HV start protection


  Same THC Sensor card used on both models. Up to 15,000 VDC input protection

Advanced Fault Detection


Options on Fault (MP3000-DTHC Only): Cut voltage faults stop THC moves.  Loss of Arc stops motion. Fault can trigger Torch off AND/OR rapid head retract (settings in Profile) Current out of spec (with optional DCP only)

FREE Rotary Axis (pipe & tubing cutter) Option

Options to add a 4th or 5th axis (on a dual drive system).  Exclusive Rotary Wizard will handle round OR square/rectangular tube cutting.  This is NOT a "disconnect your X motor and use it for rotary" solution!

Isolated DIGITAL Volts feedback  (DTHCII)

Digital pickup (THC SENSOR PWM) works with new plasmas  that have 20:1 or 50:1 divided voltage as well as with all others using our optional RAV-01 divider card.  Reliable operation in noisy shop conditions

DIRECT Connect for Hyperterm and TD Plasma Cutters

New HYT-Connect™ options for Hypertherm makes connection with one cable.  Access to advanced features on new Hypertherm 65 & 85 via PS485 Serial Interface

ARC CURRENT (Cut Current in AMPS) display

Uses (optional) low cost Digital Current Probe on workclamp (non-contact) to accurately measure and display cut current,  Allows cut current to be used for ARC OK and to set fault trip points

BUILT-IN Breakout (BoB) for motor and I/O


User must furnish connections for 3 (separate) inputs and one output on LCTHC

Port Expansion for 9 inputs and 8 outputs (plus 4 axis S & D)

  LCTHC is designed to work with existing BOB. It provides no addtional I/O or interface for Motors from MACH

Safety Head Lock ("TIP SAVER") aka Anti-dive


  Tip Saver Locks THC from going too low if tip volts goes outside (user) settable range.  Dynamic anti-dive

Torch Volts Resolution
(SPAN Setting)

  Determines the Span tolerance for tip volts (gap tolerance).  Set in CUT PROFILE. Fixed on LCTHC to 1V

Last Cut Memory


Retains last cut settings or any changes you made while cutting even on power down.

Adjustable Anti-pierce dive settings

    Lockout Delay keeps tip from faulting from pierce voltage spikes.  Prevents false fault triggers.  New DTHCII THC Delay is part of CUT PROFILE.

Arc Good Motion Hold


Works with all plasma cutters.  LCTHC Sensor for manual plasma cutters $18.00 option. DTHC needs DCP-01 option. Provides variable automatic pierce delay.

Torch Amps Readout

Requires Optional Digital Current Probe for the DTHC or DTHC setups.

THC Self-Test

For diagnostics and setup. Tests THC functions.


SMART-KUT™ "learns": Preset Volts from beginning of cut. Automatically compensates for consummable wear and material differences.

Digital tip volts adjust  (change while cutting)

  1 volt per click while running.  Digital preset from screen.  Retains last setting on power down. Callable profiles allow automated setup on DTHC (only).

Arc Volt Input Isolation

Exclusive isolation circuit breaks any connection and noise (via common grounds) between the plasma and the logic control circuits

Readout of actual cut volts

  Real time Separate readout of Preset and Actual volts.

THC on/off while cutting


Needed for re-cuts.  Controlled from MACH or Macro (furnished) in G-Code

Z positional awareness

        Controller software knows Z position at all times.  Allows running without TOUCH-OFF in close pierces
Automatic Surface touch (IHS)

          Requires Floating Torch holder for mechanical (switch) touch off using the torch tip as the touch probe
GECKO G540 Direct plug interface 


See LCTHC Product description for information on G540 interface

Z manual control for Oxy-Fuel cutting

via Isolated inputs on Table I/O card (MP3000 only).  Adjust while cutting.  Table I/O not part of LCTHC kit
Home/Limit Switch Indicators   Visual indication of switch operation including Z surface touch. LCTHC has no added inputs/ouputs
THC Response Rate .   Tunes response curve of THC for Z.  Controls overshoot and lost positions.  LCTHC: settings in MACH ONLY

Custom Screens and profiles

Comes with Free Screen Painter Application and Custom Plasma and Router Screens from CandCNC

Auxillary Outputs
(2 with unit; 4 more via expansion card
  1 20A and 1 10A conventional relays (in addition to Torch relay) on MP3000-DTHCii units.  Will start and run any load AC or DC or motors with softstart /speed control
2 YR Warranty/Support

    Free support via web or phone.(60 days on LCTHC only)  No support fees on electronics. Support site:

Cost of Unit


Includes case and Full Breakout with Port Expander all cables.  Plasma Interface


Includes Plasma Interface Card  & cable


LCTHC designed for existing MACH3 controlled router tables or retrofits.  Has limited I/O and may require external bias pull-up voltages.

MP3000-DTHC is full Breakout Board + DTHC II  and has expanded I/O.  Designed for base level builds and retro of non-MACH type tables

To do an accurate comparison of cost against other vendors THC solutions you may need to factor in the cost of MACH3 software ($175.00) , the cost of SheetCAM software ($165.00) and in some circumstances a Z axis


More Information:

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