BladeRunner Dragon-Cut Servo CNC Plasma Controller

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Get the smooth and accurate motion that servos bring with enhanced resolution, wider dynamic range of torque and spped with position feedback .  Improved Z speeds for better DTHCII response and some jaw dropping acceleration and motion  numbers.  We have carefully engineered and matched high qualtiy planetary gearboxes to make construction a "bolt on" process.  Gearheads multiple torque and resolution by a factor of 10,   so motors can provide from 500 to over 3000  Oz-in of peak torque at ALL SPEEDS!

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The secret to any design for CNC plasma cutting is to match the electroniccs to the mechanics and provide the optimum motion for the type cutting you need to do..  The advantage of servos is in two primary areas:  Unlike steppers they hold constant torque across their full range of RPM and they spin much faster. . They can provide more torque as the load changes (corrections)  so theyt can power though an increased load conditionthat would stall a stepper, and they have position sensing so any condition that forces the position errot to be too high will fault a driver. In the BladeRunner Servo System a fault on any drive will shutdown the motion instantly and report which axis caused the fault.  It is vitally important that to take advantage of these servo features you MUST properly match the final drive gearing and ratios to your mechanics. The BladeRunner Servo Sytem is designed to be used on rack & pinoin or belt type final drives with no added reduction on most circumstances.

BladeRunner Servo Options:  Longer Motor Cables | 220VAC 50/60HZ | Quad Relay Expansion Card

Special Plasma Software Bundle Options are HERE



The BladeRunner Dragon Cut
Servo System

A complete self-contained multi-axis servo controller with a FULL Digital Torch Height Control built in!  With enough power and all the features to help you build small to medium (50 to 120 lb gantry weight) Plasma Cutter or Router/Plasma combo's at a low low cost.  You get all of the electronics between the PC and the table.  Special MACH screens for the DTHC interface.  Engineered with high quality planetary gearheads for direct mounting to most rack and pinion and belt drive type designs. no belts, no pulleys... nothing else to design or buy.

BladeRunner Servo Controller with 4 Drives  (4 axis) 
NOW with Dynamic Cut Control (DCC)

  • 720W 60V 12A ESPII "Smart" Power Supply. Protects and monitors expensive electronics. On Screen readout of Power supply parameters (Volts, Amps, Temp)
  • Differential Optical Encoder signals for noise immune operation in plasma and high noise locations
  • Based on a proven design from our larger Plazpak 3 nd 4 series. 
  • All-In-One (AIO) design.
  • DTHC II Digital Torch Height Control.  Same full featured version used in the PlazPak seriesI
  • Dual Switched AC Outlet is ready for Aux loads up to 15A AC or DC.  Build and control scribers, punches, etc  Setup to switch from M codes
  • 4ea 50oz-in 3.5A Continious,  300 + oz-in Peak servo motors optimized for the Gearheads. 
  • Entire system noise hardened for palsma cutting
  • Full Cable Set for PC interface.
  • Perfect for prototyping machines,  
    volume production, or hobby machines . Use on builds with gantry weight to 120lbs  Increased torque range of servos offers a wide range of cutting options.
  • Auto Install of all drivers and support files with  Custom screens for MACH3
  • Advanced Cut Profile Screen Popup
  • Ships with extensive tool tables for SheetCAM TNG that dublicates Cut Charts in the user manual.  Just pick a marerial type and thickness and the software does the rest.  No knoobs to twist, no settings to forget.
  • Industry Exclusive:  The only system below $35,000 with Dynamic Cut Control (DCC).  An absolutely amazing feature that automates the cutting process to a new level.
  • NOW!  2 YEAR Warranty on all internal components INCLUDING the GECKO servo motor drives. 

    YOU MUST SELECT A CONNECTION KIT to be able to connect to ANY plasma cutter.  Please order with your BladeRunner Servo Dragon-Cut

    Includes  Interface options  for different Brands/Type Plasma cutters

    Connection Kits for most
    HYPERTHERM Models including models with the optional RS485 Advanced Automation Port


    SERVO - 4
    w/ planetary 10:1 precision Gearboxes (3 motors)


    Now you can build a full featured 4 axis servo plasma or router/plasma combo with the highest torque and RPM motors you can get for the motor drives.  Geared properly with our precison planetary gearheads these motors will give you the speed, torque and resolution for perfect cutting.  Couple that with our award winning DTHCII technology and all you are giving up is the high cost of our competitors overhead!

    Allow 3-4 weeks delivery.  All units are built to order and load tested.  DTHC is tested and calibrated.


    Dragon-Cut Servo 4

    as above with DTHC IV Upgrade
    Adds the new High Speed DTHCIV


    Ether-Cut Servo 4
    with DTHC IV and Ethernet interface



    Servo 5th Axis Expansion module

    Adds 5th driver and motor (no gearhead)
    For installation in existing 4 axis Servo systems

    To build a full 4 independant axis (plus 1 slave) rotary cutter, or second Z axis machine.

    Comes with CandCNC Rotary Wizard for MACH3 for cutting appliciotns on round or square /rect tubing and pipe.  

    Using the same DTHC II Module as our popular MP3000-DTHC you get the advanced Digital Torch Height features as the most expensive THC's on the market AT ANY PRICE
    Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lets us pack a sophisticated embedded processor and support chips all on a tiny plug-in module.  This module is mounted in the BladeRUnner enclosure (front panel) and adds all of the circuitry for Digital Torch Height  TOTAL ANALOG isolation allows operation with noisy HF start plasma units.

    NEW!  DTHC II  Digital Torch Height Control System makes connecting to any plaams unit easier and now supports the newer Hypertherm and ThermaDynamics plasma units with Automation interface cards and connectors.  The ONLY low cost THC that is direct plug compatable with Hypertherm 45/65/85/105 units with a CPC connecor....plug...twist...DONE!

    (part of Dragon-Cut packages)
     connects to your plasma through our Connection Kits (see above).  Housed in an sturdy case with mounting ears it mounts outside on/near your plasma cutter. TOTAL Digital noise immune interface

    Using a standard CAT 5 UTP cable (25ft) the THC Sensor PWM connects back to the DTHC II Expansion module in the MP3000 or in the BladeRunner AIO unit.  Designed to take divided voltage and standard automation signals the Module is easy to install and easy to setup.  If you have a plasma with an integrated voltage divider the THCSensor-PWM will take 16:1, 20:1 50:1 or our 7:1 from the optional RAV-01 Card (see OPTIONS PAGE).  Wheather you have a new plasma with the outside connetions or an older unit that is designed for hand cutting we have a solution for you. 

    What is DCC?

    In short DCC brings a new level of automation and performance to CNC plasma cutting.  It offers all of the features you would expect to find in a high-end commercial plasma cutting system but at hundreds rather than thousands of dollars extra!

    If you are considering buying a system from another vendor or from a table manufacturer ask them:
    "Does your THC have direct single cable connection to Hypertherms?  
    Do you have TRUE AUTOMATION features like DCC?"
    If they say no they are not using the DTHCII technology from CandCNC.

    While the Cut Profiles on the operator screen are still available a new levelof automation has been introduced  with the DCC features.  Now all these settings are stored in the Job file so they load automitcally whn you load the job. 


    New!  HyT-Connect RS485 Serial Interface Module (SIM) Kit.   Allows direct communication with new Hypertherm 65. 85 & 105 plasma cutters to set the CUT CURRENT (in AMPS) and the CUT PRESSURE (in PSI) from the CUT PROFILES window, .or from your G-CODE job file!  The CUT CURRENT Settings are stored in the SheetCAM Job so now the software AUTOMATICALY sets the proper current and air pressure for a specific cut when You load the job to cut 



    USB- RS485 4 PORT HUB

    This small devicei (purchased separately) allows the control software to communicate directly with a Hypertherm 65/85/105 plasma cutter with the optional RS485 Serial Port  and gives TOTAL AUTOMATION to plasma cutting!  No knobs to twist, no settings to change.  It all part of the cut file.  The Cut file remembers all of the settings and loads them when you run the job.