TableTop/Benchtop Controller with features only found on large commercial controllers...all at a low price

NOW! With Spindle Speed and Digital Torch Height Expansion options

NEW!  Higher torque/RPM matched motors


SHORTCUT TO G251-4 Field Modification KIt (FMK)

BladeRunner AIO w/4 motors

BladeRunner AIO 4 axis with upgrade power controller and new higher torque motors. Shown with Optional Dual Switched AC outlets.

This is the one you have been asking for!  A Tabletop/Benchtop compact controller that is expandable, compact and SMART!  Take a few minutes and read down through the page and discover why we see this as a new approach to CNC control.  Perfect for small footprint machines where space is limited but the need for featues is not!.  Will handle all router tables to 3ft X 3ft and plasma only tables up to 4ft X 8ft. (maximum gantry weight for plasma  is 100 lbs).


  • Compact size, big features.  10" X 12" X 6"  (includes DC Motor Power Supply)
  • Totally Modular Design makes upgrades or repair fast and easy.
  • Internal logic level power for cards.  Universal Power Pak 100VAC - 240VAC 50/60 hz
  • Processor Control(for Motor Power Supply) control with auto-shutdown on fault
  • Front Panel Pulse Monitor shows actual STEP pulses by flashes and DIR by pulse color.
  • Front Panel Display of any Fault
  • Side Panel Single Port Input for attachment to PC
  • Uses our exclusive UBOB Port  S T R E T C H E R technology to give you added I/O.
  • Optional 5th Driver for Rotary axis. 
  • More isolated inputs than any other single parallel port solution (9) 
  • More buffered outputs than any other single parallel port solution (17)
  • Unit can be configured from 1 to 5 axis of drives IN THE FIELD.  Quik plug technology
  • Runs from 120VAC 50/60HZ or 220VAC 50/60HZ (set at factory)
  • Serial interface to PC provides bidirectional multidrop communication with the internal Smart Cards.
  • Intense monitoring of power, load and temperature protects the motor drives.
  • Real time display of actual conditions on a custom MACH Screen (plug-in provided)
  • Custom plug-and-run MACH profiles and Screens.
  • Motor cables attach via posi-lock connectors.  No crimping, no soldering
  • Unit can be expanded to support other options. Optional   plug for PORT2 interface (more I/O)
  • Isolated 0-10VDC Spindle Speed expansion card (does not use PWM output from MACH)
  • Isolated Digital Torch Height (DTHC) expansion card
  • Double the speed and 50% more torque available than our earlier Tabletop series
  • Driver Cards change out in minutes
  • Microstepping, anti-resonance, GECKO G251 drives are latest technology
  • Plenty of heatsink for cool operation.  Internal Fan. Forced Air Coooling with filter


    EZPlug G251-4 Interface + G251SOLO Option

Rear view of the BladeRunner AIO G251-4 module showing the Posi-lock EuroPlug motor plugs.  Simply strip the ends of the motor cables and insert them into the screw terminal plugs. All units below come with plugs on the cables and tested.  They quickly plug or unplug from the 4 Euro-Plug jacks in rear.   ON/OFF from the BladeRunner AIO front panel.  A fault or Power Off will safely shutdown the motor DC instantly,  and discharge the DC bus in 2 sec or less.  New 5th Axis Option uses our G251-SOLO interface Kit that breaks out the 5th axis signals and gives you 4 full independant axis of motion (one axis is hardware slaved) so you can now have a rotary axis in addtion to a full 3 axis machine with Dual Gantry drive (4 motors).  Power supply has plenty of reserve power for 5 motors.

We provide an innovative MACH power management Plug-in that displays the BladeRunner AIO conditions and the load with Fault messages that pinpoint the exact cause of the fault/shutdown.  Now at a glance you can see the real time conditions of your controller.  Axis load is displayed on the Load Graph and the blended load (total power draw) is displayed in a DRO and as a Horizontal Load Bar.  Screen sets, MACH3 Profiles and the Management plug-in is FREE. 

G251-4 Assembly (Rear View). Processor (Smart Card) is vertical card in foreground

Based on years of experience in home shop CNC and industrial controls, we have designed this product to have built in diagnostics.  Coupled with pre-configured profiles for MACH, initial setup is a snap.  Our innovative Total Modular Design means you can easily upgrade one section without buying a new controller.  Using a Motherboard with embedded processor we created a product that is easy to upgrade, easy to repair, easy to own and easy to look at!  Our high speed processor monitors each G251-4 axis for overload and does a cental power shutdown if value exceeds a threshold.  We also watch the DC motor power and clamp anything that could harm the drives.  To complete the safety monitoring we read and display the internal temperature.  Virtually any condition that harms electronics is detected.  When we shut down power we turn off the AC to the Motor Power supply.  A PWM FET circuit provides DC discharge and dynamic braking (Load Dump)

One of the important parts of this design is a fantastic new product in itself:  The Ultimate BreakOut Board (UBOB III) has been shipping for over a year and is the next generation of single port low cost breakout.  With  features like buffered, low noise outputs and total isolated inputs it would equal any BOB on the market at any price HOWEVER, factor in the expansion options and the new PORT STRETCHER technology and you get features unavailable on ANY other card.  You get 4 axis of high speed Step & Dir, + 8 more channels (that's not a misprint) of low speed general relay driver outputs, and 9 channels of fast isolated inputs (also not a misprint) ALL FROM A SINGLE CABLE AND ONE PARALLEL PORT!.

UBOB III Sub assembly/Module w/Table I/O + DTHC OPTION

BladeRunner AIO internal electronics


A miracle of packaging, we fit all of the electronics in a standard NEMA industrial case with room for expansion cards in the future.  The BladeRunner AIO is designed to be tough and reliable.  Connect the PC ports to the side, plug in the motors on the other side and plug in the AC and you have everything ready for basic operation.  Everything plugs in with connectors and any sub-assembly/module  can be pulled in minutes. .

All you need to work on, or upgrade, the BladeRunner Series is a small flat-blade and medium Phillips blade screwdriver.  NO SOLDERING, NO HAND WIRING, NO CHANCES FOR MISTAKES.


Standard Table I/O Card ships with all BladeRunners and has two power Relays and inputs for 4 homes and 4 limits (one input), E-stop and Aux (9 inputs total;  all isolated.  Card is installed inside the BladeRunner AIO Box at the factory and can be mounted remotely if desired

Custom Mach screens and one-button install gives you instant setup.

Optional Dual SWITCHED AC Sockets

Extends a 15A and 10A switched AC controlled by the software and screen buttons.  For Router tables it can be your Router ON/OFF control.  For Plasma it's for auxillary loads you may want control.  Has it's own heavy duty line cord and is separate from the power for the internal electronics and DC power supply.  Available on OPTIONS PAGE 2

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