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Two choices of motors: 300 oz-in or 620 oz-in High torq Hybrid Steppers.  300 oz-in has 1/4" shaft dia, 620oz-in has 3/8" shaft dia.  Both 23 Frame motors.

TOP QUALITY COMPONENTS.  Made in the USA Gecko Drivers

Included In every BladeRunner AIO Package below:

  • Support CD with Auto Install of all files into MACH 3
  • High current 576W DC power supply.
  • High quality toroid based Power Transformer.
  • Smart Power for automatic fault shutdown 
  • Assembled, tested and tuned (with motors)
  • Choice of 3, 4 or even 5 axis
  • Choice of motor torque size  
  • Illustrated 70 page Manual on CD with all of the hookups.
  • Profiles (XML's) for MACH3... no tedious setup!
  • Custom Screen sets for BladeRunner Management
  • Free BladeRunner and UBOB Plug-ins for MACH
  • Free E-mail and Phone Support
  • On-Line Support Forum
  • 2 Year Warranty-Electronics 
  • Latest UBOB III with Port Stretcher Technology 
  • All Interconnect cables (DB25 and DB9) for PC included
  • Compact size 12 X 10 X 6
  • Sealed top NEMA Case.
  • Modular design makes troubleshooting and field repair easier
  • Motors shipped with 15 ft cables and quick change power connectors installed
  • 120VAC 50/60 Hz or 220VAC 50/60hz operation (on request) same price!
  • NEW:  All units can be upgraded to full Ethernet more parallel port hassles and it's fully compatable with the new DTHC IV add-in module






Comes with all Packages!

BladeRunner3-Combo  3Axis XYZ controller with motors and cables

 3 installed Drives +  plus 3 300 Oz-in hybrid steppers, 15ft motor cables,  15ft PC cables.  A complete 3 Axis system for table top or small footprint applications.  Will handle up to about a 2' X 3' router, small mills (TAIG, Sherline, X2 etc).  Ready to plug and run.  You can upgrade later to 4 or 5 axis operation and even add a DTHC module (for palsma) or an ISS-02 Spindle Speed (VFD interface)

SEE  OPTION BOX at the bottom of the page to upgrade this unit to our ETHER-CUT series that no longer uses (or needs) the PC parallel port.



`With larger Hi-Torq 620 OZ-in preminum motors. 8 wire.  $845.00 


BladeRunner4 Combo
By popular demand!)

 Same as BladeRunner 3 Combo but with 4 Drives+ 4ea 300 Oz-in 3.5A hybrid steppers, Perfect for a dual drive gantry.  15ft motor cables, tuned and tested. 15ft PC cables.  A complete 4 Axis system for table top or medium duty  applications.  Will handle up to about a 4' X 4' router, small mills (TAIG, Sherline, X2 etc).  Ready to plug and run.  Perfect unit for tables that have a dual drive gantry that needs two motors.  You can upgrade to more advanced features by adding the DTHC or I and/or upgrading to 5th Gecko card/ heatsink and breakout kit.




With larger Hi-Torq 620 OZ-in preminum motors. 8 wire.  $1115.00

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Add the missing 5th driver for building a rotary axis .

Upgrade option on BladeRunner4Combo and BladeRunner Dragon Cut (plasma). Standard on Super MAX5 

Kit is installed and tested in MAX5 and Dragon-Cut 620-5.  Can be added in the field in minutes.

Get ready for the next big plasma cutting technology that will drive down the cost of Rotary cutting!  The 5th axis upgrade for the BladeRunner AIO adds a full G251 motor driver with isolated inputs and the same protections as the drives on the main EZPlug G251-4 module at an affordable price.  

 Power and logic signals travel on a 10 pin ribbon cable to the G251-SOLO card.  All BladeRunner AIO's are shipped 5th axis "ready".  4 screws and some cable connections are all that is needed.  Open the BladeRunner AIO case and the 5th axis is installed on the top without removing any sub-assemblies or modules



Upgrade Price w/300 oz-in motor (wired)$143.00

Upgrade Price w/620 oz-in motor (wired)$185.00

BladeRunnerSuperMAX5 Combo (aka Tom's Special)

You asked for it, You GOT IT!  


  BladeRunner AIO with 5 Drives (4 axis + slaved drive)

  • 576W 48V12A Power Supply
  • 5ea 620 oz-in Hybrid Stepper motors
  • NEMA Power Supply Enclosure
  • 2 AC sockets for 15A (dual) loads
  • Motors wired and ready to run
  • 15Ft Motor Cables (upgrade)
  • Support CD,  MACH Plug-ins, Custom Screens
  • Ready to plug-n-run.  All cables.
  • 2 year Factory warranty on electronics
  • Rotary cutting ready.  




Upgraded motors.  Upgraded power control.  Upgraded cables

Allow 3.4 weeks for delivery

NEW!  Bladerunner Ether-Cut upgrade.   Adds an advanced Ethernet pulse engine (module) to the Bladerunner that breaks you free of the parallel port interface and lightens the overhead on MACH.
  • All of the features above for each model
  • Runs entirely on one Ethernet  (CAT5) connection
  • Allows operation on non-dedicated PC Run your Drawing, CAM and MACH3 all on one PC....even Laptops!
  • Distance between PC and Bladerunner can be up to 50 ft
  • Even pulse train provides faster. smoother operation of steppers.
  • Has 5 FULL independent axis control

(when ordered with any system above)


Note:  This upgrade cannot be done in the field. Order with a new unit. For retro fits to existing Bladerunners see